Fall Blogging Goals

First off, I have to say a big thanks to everyone who commented on my last post someway or another. Following this post, I am going to immediately reply to those comments. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it sooner. And again, thank you! I really enjoyed collaborating and hope to do it more often. Secondly, … More Fall Blogging Goals

July Running Goals

Hello! It’s a Sunday evening and our kids have just passed out (thank you, yesterday’s 4th of July craziness) so I quickly wanted to mention something that I will be doing in July. I love love love July. A big reason why is because I was born in July (and married a man who is born in … More July Running Goals

New Goals!

This morning we had a pet ladybug for an hour, then set it free. It’s been a very long and fun weekend! I’m exhausted as well, so hopefully I’ll recover from the excitement. Once a year, we have a family reunion with all of my siblings and their kids. Usually in the past we have … More New Goals!