Oh Christmas Tree

Oh hey, it’s snowing like crazy here! Last night we had a church “fireside” – which is basically a spiritual type of program – and it was all about Christmas music, SO I’d say I’m really in the Christmas mood today. Why not a little Christmas related post? This is our first year getting a … More Oh Christmas Tree


If you aren’t aware, we recently moved in to OUR very FIRST HOME ever. OURS. Also, we are the FIRST people to live in the home because we “built” it (as in I picked out finishes). As hesitant as we were to buy, it’s actually a lot of fun, surprise surprise! Doma (дома) is a … More “Doma”

Yay for Bookshelves!

I started this project 2 years ago. PEOPLE, TWO YEARS AGO. It all started when I saw something on Pinterest, got an idea, decided to do it, and then realized I had nowhere to put the shelves permanently. I know I’m not the only one with unfinished Pinterest projects. But things are changing here. The … More Yay for Bookshelves!