Christmas Countdown

It’s time for another Christmas related post!! I didn’t plan it this way, but unless you’re the Grinch, I’m positive you don’t mind!

A couple weeks back, a friend of mine told me about “Light ‘Em Up” (click for details) and I instantly wanted to join in. I love Christmas and the fun traditions, but I sometimes get worried about my kids being so focused on what they will GET rather than GIVE. Sure, it feels good to receive a gift that you have been wanting, but personally, I love how I feel after giving much more. It’s important to me that my kids can serve and be grateful.

Finally, I’m going to start doing this service project with my kids. I would have loved to do the entire month but we have been sick and miserable. Now that we are feeling better (hallelujah!) it’s the perfect time to start. 10 days left! (Not to mention Sasha just had his last day of preschool so we need a little project.) Let’s just call it our Christmas service countdown.

Tomorrow, Pep (our elf from the North Pole who *somebody* touched causing him to lose his magic for a week) will bring a Christmas countdown for the kids. Each day will have some type of service/kind act that we should complete.   

It was kind of hard for Denys and I to come up with 10 do-able ideas with small kids, which makes me think we need more practice at this. I may need to find a way to incorporate this into our non-holiday lives! 

What traditions do you now or want to keep with your families?


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