Blogger Year in Review

I’m linking up with some other bloggers today in a series called 2015 Blogger Year in Review. I feel like it will be good to look back and review how this blog has been doing so far. I started up in May, so it hasn’t even been a year, but let’s highlight some moments anyway. My hope is to gain insight for any New Year’s goals as well.

This blogging stuff has been interesting so far to say the least. I can’t say that I always WANT to do it, however, I made some goals for myself at the beginning of 2015 to really LIVE and make memories. There were things holding me back from experiencing life fully and I finally felt free to be me. 2015 has been all about chances and adventure, so I guess this blog has been a little bit of that for me. #livingonthewildside 😉

For this week’s review I wanted to list my TOP THREE POSTS.

#3 – My Greatest Accomplishment This Year

#2 – For Real (which is really my blog intro)

#1 – Somehow, it had to happen.

It does not surprise me that the three posts all happen to include very personal and emotional stories. I’m no fool and I know that people love reading juicy details of other people’s lives!! However, it’s scary. I wrote those posts with no fear whatsoever, but once I saw the number of views they were getting, I totally panicked.

I thought I’d be excited that people were reading my blog for once, but my initial reaction was to hide. It was my first time seeing just how many people were reading MY story and I had no clue what any was thinking, not that it matters. I wouldn’t have talked about those subjects unless I felt at least 95% confident about them, but I still felt very vulnerable. By the end of the day though my panic turned to gratitude. I’m nothing but grateful for people’s support and taking the time to read.

So now that I’ve let you know what my top 3 posts are, let me know what your top posts are! Are they the juicy detailed ones?? Click the button below to check out everyone else’s reviews!



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