Where are all of you?

It’s currently after midnight and my body wants everything and nothing to do with sleep. I never struggled with sleep until after having my first kid and ever since I can’t seem to master it. Oh well. It could be the diet coke I drank entirely way too late, or the nap I snuck in around 4 pm. Either way, I can’t get my brain to shut off.

Also, for some reason I am feeling motivated to deep clean the whole house at this very moment, when my eyes want to shut and the sound of the vacuum would wake everyone else who have zero sleep issues. Why I can’t feel this way during the day makes no sense to me. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Hopefully I’m still motivated in the morning, because my to-do list is fairly long.

Currently I am listening to this little guy cough in his bed, fearing it will wake him at any moment. Break my heart.

This was him earlier this week, insisting on drinking my Shakeology. He literally had huge tears running down his face if I tried to take it away from him. Guess it’s that good.

So since I can’t sleep, I guess I will mention that I often get super bummed that the blog phase has phased out for 95% people. A friend on Facebook this week mentioned he missed when his feed was full of life and random statuses rather than articles and recipe videos. I admit I noticed it too and miss it as well, but you know what else I miss? Blogs. Remember when almost everyone had a blog?? And they’d write about life and stuff?? Whatever their hearts desired! Is it just not a thing anymore? Maybe Instagram came along and it was more convenient? Or maybe some people got all famous and those who weren’t felt dumb and quit. I miss when it wasn’t about popularity, selling something, and glamourous/trendy/helpful content. I miss the real stuff! Did people think their life wasn’t exciting enough or what is it?

If it means anything, I think that it is still very okay to blog if YOU want. A normal, not so popular or pretty blog. One where you write whatever you want, share whatever you want, and it can be homogeneous  and beautiful or a big fat inconsistent mess. Who cares? It’s doesn’t have to be the greatest and most famous. But that is just my opinion.

I have way more thoughts on this but my body finally agrees 100% on sleep pronto. I’d love to talk more about this subject so tell me why you feel like people stopped blogging (the avg. family blogs). Also, what direction do you see social media going in?


5 thoughts on “Where are all of you?

  1. I fall asleep pretty easily these days, but staying asleep is a longer shot. I was up and feeling way too wired 1:30-3 this morning, with some fitful sleep afterward. I tried reading my way back to zzz’s, but it was SNL that finally got me back for another hour.

    I haven’t got enough brainpower to reflect on any of the bigger questions, but I do love how blogs open up a fuller picture of real life when used for the kind of capturing you decribe.

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  2. I stopped blogging for a couple of reasons. the two main reasons being Instagram and I felt like no one was reading or commenting on it. I felt like I was going to so much work for no one! So I decided to do my project life stuff to document my little family instead of blogging. I do miss it and I completely agree about Facebook too! I miss the days of getting updates on there.

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    1. It’s true, blogging is a lot of work, especially when you are wanting to grow it. I go back and forth about whether or not I really care about the views. I wish I was better at the my project life stuff! I love that you do it and would love to look through your books sometime. Are we getting together tomorrow?


  3. I’ve been Blogging long before it was called Blogging, I started writing in the USENET Groups/Forums in the early 90’s. After the advent of the ‘WEB’ USENET started a slow death and in around 1999 i moved to a ‘NEW’ thing called ‘journaling’ to a WEBbased medium called LiveJournal. . Even though my WordPress shows posts back to January 2001, I actually didn’t start posing to WordPress until 2010. I moved because the new owner of LiveJournal started restricting the ‘free’ users.

    Over the years I’ve seen blogging go though cycles of being active and then inactive. I notice the ‘older’ bloggers taper off as life get in the way and a new batch of younger bloggers eventually filled the void. With the advent of Vlog’s, Podcasts and Smart Phones though I fear writing has taken a back seat an we may be witnessing the near end of text based blogs.


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