update + a flashback

Hey there, hey there! It’s nap time, which means it’s workout time, but first a little post. Let me catch you up!

It’s only been a little over a week, but I feel like I’ve been mentally checked out of this blog for much longer. Thanksgiving was great! Slightly different this year because my parents, who usually host, went out of town to celebrate. I wish we could have gone with them. My other siblings that live here in Utah had plans with in-laws (or of the sort) so I decided to just do our own thing here and invited some friends to join us. It was really relaxing and I ate way way way too much.

Here is my favorite recipe that I made that night. You all HAVE to try this. I think it will be my go to recipe for apple “pie” from now on: Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars.

As for post festivities, I’ve been getting over a cold. I swear I’ve been sick for two weeks and on Monday I finally went to a doctor. He was like, “Yeah…looks normal…here is an antibiotic if you want to take it but you don’t have to.” ???? Anyway, it was a 3 day antibiotic so I gave it a try. Today is my last day and guess what, it did the trick. My congestion is gone, my throat doesn’t hurt, and my ears have stopped their aching.


Finally, about the workout I mentioned. Monday was my first day of a new workout program/challenge that I am participating in, 21 Day Fix. I have a friend who is a Beach Body coach and specifically because of her, I join in. She is positive, friendly, motivating, real, and keeps me accountable (which is what I need most of all). Plus, have you tried Shakeology??? Life changing.

I did a challenge last year that was for 1 month and it got me down 5 lbs and a pant size. I lost even more when I was running, but if you’ve been reading you know what happened there. Shortly after I stopped breastfeeding I injured my knee, so anything I had going for my weight loss came to a stop. Long story short, I’ve gained 10 lbs and I can feel my pants getting too snug, so I’m doing something about it.

It’d be easy for me to not care. But I do. Because I know. I’ve been much heavier than I am right now and it was hard. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I don’t do well when I’m not active and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. My body is the type that can gain weight fast and keep it on. (Especially this time of year.) Results that I want don’t come easy, but it is always worth it. With that said, it’s day 3 of my 21 day challenge and I’ve already gave in to a cookie. I’m weak, but working on it.

Proof – me in 2006 – about 25 lbs heavier.
I figured I’d end this update with a flashback to my heavier days. Some people need proof. I just need the reminder. I know that I’m not HUGE in this pic, but in a year I had gained 25+ lbs and tons of stretch marks, which was hard for me. Possibly some other time I can talk more about that and how I changed my life completely. There were some great lessons learned.


One thought on “update + a flashback

  1. I totally get this post. I stopped running in the past few months (for various and sundry reasons) and have been seeing the difference. My weight loss has totally stagnated. I’m ready to get back on the horse.

    I know we can do this. ❤ Good luck, dear!


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