Playroom Crisis

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen that last week I put together some things in the kids’ playroom. I sewed a teepee (broke two needles and lost my mind) and painted some hexagon cutouts  that I put up on the wall. Well…….you guys, I don’t love it.
 Almost everyday I walk past and into the room multiple times hoping that I will change my mind and suddenly feel at peace with it, but nothing. I feel really silly, I’ve tried to take the “I’m not going to care about it” path, and I’ve ultimately decided that it can’t stay. I wish I didn’t care, but there is something about it that just doesn’t look right. To me it isn’t cohesive, so I’ve put together some ideas about what I can do differently.

First, I’m going to take off the hexagons. I originally bought them to go behind the crib wall for decor but I never ended up doing it. We moved and suddenly Liev isn’t going to be in his crib for much longer and it just doesn’t make sense at this point. Not wanting them to go to waste, I looked for a way to use them, but at this point I’m just going to try to sell them. I may even sell the teepee? Would it sell? I like the teepee but I hate it at the same time. What do you think? Craziness?

Instead of the hexagons, we are going to paint that wall. Here are some of our inspirations. I’m thinking of a mint/blue/black/some yellow type of color scheme. Which to you like best?

Besides that wall, I am looking for some decor. We want to stay with a “woodland” or “camping” type of theme, however, I want it more modern and clean looking. Not too childish (even though they are kids…I know).

I really want this bear from Target but don’t want to freak out the boys. I’m not sure if a faux deer head would be any better. (The one currently on the wall was a $3 puzzle from Target, which works, but isn’t that bear.)

As for the floor area, I know my boys would love a car/train/lego table. Every time we are around one (Barnes and Noble, doctors’ offices) they never want to leave and entertainment is my main goal (next to learning). I think something like this would work perfect.

The opposing wall from the one we want to paint has five long bookshelves on it. It takes up the whole wall – see here. So I plan to get a little faux fur rug and sew some comfy floor pillows to make the reading nook cozier.

Other little details will come as we go I think, my main thing is patience. I got super impatient last week to get the room done (nesting for winter?) and didn’t really think my ideas through all the way. I’m FAR from an interior designer so I should know better. Plan, plan, plan. And then ask for opinions.

What do YOU all think? I’ve had some weird guilt for actually caring about this room so much, but at the end of the day I want to like it, so whatever.


One thought on “Playroom Crisis

  1. I love playful colors in a kid room so I’d go with yellow. And I LOVE these teepee. I think you should keep it, but is it going to remind you how awful it was everytime you see it? Do you need to get rid of it go move on? I think it would sell if you decide to go that way. An activity table is a great idea! I wish I had space for one. I would test the boys at the store to see of the bear is too scary. It’s super cute! Good luck! Can’t see what you come up with!


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