My mismatched socks.

It seems as if we have a never ending story going on here called Grumpy and Sick. I fear that by the time it is over I won’t have any sanity left, and I’m not exaggerating. Sick husband, then sick self, and finally sick kids is too much.

I’ve been struggling to write anything on the blog for fear that all I can come up with is a bunch of negativity and complaining. That is the last thing that I want this blog/my life turning into. I typically try to look on the bright side of things and keep a positive attitude, but when you’re going on two weeks with little sleep and whiny kids/husband/yourself, you basically have to force yourself to find the good.

My mismatched socks sparked a thought this afternoon. Strange huh. All month I’ve been wearing mismatched socks (slightly annoying) but when I saw them today I realized how much they reflect my life right now.

messy house, sleeping dog, cute kid – oh – and my socks

Everything is a little crazy and unorganized. I mean, clearly I’m not putting the laundry away, nor do I want to take the time to find two socks that look alike, but at least they are clean and keeping me comfy in my shoes. Right? Does it really matter that they match?

More often than not I feel tired and unorganized (aka lazy). And although I may not have it all together right now, things still work out. At the end of the day my family has people who love them, warm beds to sleep in, and (some) food in the fridge (or in the store where I can go buy them) to eat. Those things alone make me feel extremely blessed.

Who knows how my socks got me to that conclusion, they just did. This mismatched stage is temporary. At some point I will be putting away laundry again. But really, it’s not the most important thing in the world that everything is always put together nicely. Sometimes it’s just about doing what needs to be done and being thankful for it.

And now it is clear to me, more than ever, that I need more sleep. Thanks, socks!


5 thoughts on “My mismatched socks.

  1. So sorry you all have been sick! It’s been going for two weeks here too and I was totally in a complaining mood too. Didn’t think it was 1000 times worse being sick with the baby! Hopefully it gets better for all of you! did you guys get a dog!?


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