My First Blogger Party

This post is WAY overdue! Last month I went to a blogger event here in a Utah…a (no)sleepover to be exact…and I am finally getting around to posting more about it.

Aubrey, Bonnie, and Tayler have already beat me to it, so make sure to see what they had to say about it as well. Also, all the pictures were done by Jordan. She is not only amazing at photography, but she saved the night by bringing me a toothbrush from her stash at home. I can’t forget to mention Jen who let us stay at her house (and we randomly had so much in common). HER HOUSE you guys…let’s just say I need her to come decorate next year for Halloween.

All of us.
Kaylynn is seriously glowing.DSC09589_zpsnpdd1l34DSC09599_zpsi6hx46cw

Bonnie and I
I sure am grateful for this girl.

As you can imagine, just like any other sleepover, we stayed up until birds were chirping, chatting away. Besides our own little conversations, Aubrey arranged and lead some group discussions specifically about blogging. Ever since then I’ve really been thinking about my “why” in all of this. Why take the time? Why have a blog? What do I want to promote? What is my blog’s purpose?

Without knowing my “why” I easily get unmotivated, stressed, and/or confused about my blog. I’ve thought it about it a lot more recently and I’ve made some conclusions. 1) I’m not looking to create a business/brand. 2) If I end up monetizing my blog, it will be in a way that connects with who I am and what I want to share. 3) I want to uplift, inspire, and spread positivity. 4) I want to share some personal experiences that I feel others can get support from. 5) It’s okay to do this blog thing my way, my style. Which is pretty simple.

The goodies.DSC09531_zpsbkx1fwyw

I left the sleepover feeling very grateful for my blog, because it led me to meet such great girls. Aubrey worked so hard putting this together and she has easily become one of my favorite people.

Additionally, I won a FREE MONTH PASS to Cahoots here in Lehi. Wahoo!! It’s a gym with a preschool/baby steps. I started yesterday and oh man, I’m extremely sore. Out of shape! I can’t wait to tell you all more about it because I think this is the most genius gym to ever exist. 😉

Until then, stay warm. It’s cold outside.


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