Seattle and Boston Pics

You guys! I promise I’m alive! Is it not the weirdest thing that when you go on a vacation, you always need a vacation from a vacation? Although, I’m not sure if I consider our trip to Boston a real “vacation”… either way, I needed the week off from the blog (and cleaning my home) to just get myself together (and snuggle my kids).

It has been snowing ALL morning here. I somehow braved it all and ran errands to three different stores with two small kids. Freezing. Wet. So, you can imagine that I want to do nothing more than just sit here and write up a little post on this blog. Last time I shared all the good that came from our spontaneous trip to Boston. Now, I just want to show you. I love looking at these pictures and remembering how awesome it was to explore Seattle and Boston.

First Stop – Pike Place

Not Den’s real smile…fyi.

IMG_4703 IMG_4738

We had a great dinner at Cutters Crabhouse and I highly suggest it to anyone who wants quality seafood in Seattle. By the end of our time there, we were cold and tired of walking. Our flight left to Boston at 10 PM and we both slept the entire way. I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane, so I say that is a big fat success.

As soon as we got to Boston, we found any room available for an early check in. It was 6 AM and we both just wanted to shower and sleep some more. Which we did…until noon. Once we finally got moving, we had about 6 hours until the concert, so we started with Mike’s Pastry. We quickly found the train and were able to navigate it fairly easily.IMG_4750 IMG_4752

I would totally go for another Ricotta Pie right about now. Mmmmm.

Next, we just wandered and talked to people. It all eventually led us to the red line, aka Freedom Trail. Everyone that we talked to was SO nice and helpful. Some people in big touristy towns can get annoyed, but I did not get that feeling here.

IMG_4758 IMG_4759

The Freedom Trail takes you on a tour of the main historical sites in Boston. It was fascinating for us to see so much history right next to modernized architecture. The building behind the cemetery above is the Old Hall. The red lights that you see on the main floor is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Besides a lot of historical sites and cemeteries, Boston has a lot of old church houses that still hold meetings in them.

At this point, we went to the main event – the 5’nizza concert. I posted a picture of that in my last post. It was seriously a lot of fun. That was Denys’ second concert in his lifetime and who knows the last one I went to. We were right on the front row, because if you are flying all the way from Utah to a concert, why not.

For some crazy reason we ended up walking afterwards. We kind of got lost, but that’s not always a bad thing. The view ended up being incredible at night so we weren’t completely frustrated with the situation.

The next morning our flight was full…the joys of standby. We couldn’t get on the next flight until 5 PM and had already checked out of our hotel, so again, we wandered. I found an excellent place for breakfast on Yelp, The Paramount. Seriously yummy.

The next several photos should speak for themselves: Boston Marathon finish line (of course!), Boston Commons, Boston Harbor, Chowda and lobster roll at Faneuil Hall. All things that I’d do over again.

IMG_4802 IMG_4809

If you’re still reading, bravo. Also, if you’re considering a Boston trip in your future, GO. I had no idea I’d like it so much. Great city, great people! Maybe just don’t fly standby all the way from Utah. 😉


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