Spontaneous Trip to Boston

On Saturday, Denys and I took a somewhat spontaneous trip to Boston for 1) our anniversary and 2) a concert. I say that it was only “somewhat” spontaneous because there were at least a few days of planning, which is a lot longer than our normal spontaneous. We are almost home, currently in the SeaTac Airport, and I cannot wait to squeeze my kids as tight as possible. I miss them.

The last time that Denys and I vacationed together, without kids, was on our honeymoon five years ago. At that time we could have never predicted our future. For all we knew, we would be living in Ukraine and waiting at least a couple years until we attempted to add tiny people into our lives. Simple people with simple plans. It’s the simplicity though that makes way for the spontaneity to actually happen.

Without much thought, I stayed in Ukraine after a study abroad to Russia. Den asked me one day to stay and in one second I said yes. After two months of being married, we had a discussion one night that led to us buying plane tickets the next morning to America. Two days later we on the plane and made the big move. As a married couple, we continue to make quick decisions, like buying our home. For such a big purchase I always imagined a lot more talking and planning, but we managed to sign a contract in just a week. Two months later we had our very own home. And now I can include our trip to Boston.

I’ll admit that things go a lot more smoothly when you have a well thought out plan. Life can get chaotic without, but I feel like a little bit of chaos never hurts. Sometimes that is the only way something can happen. I can’t imagine my life without the spontaneous moments! So instead of me telling you about all the incredibly frustrating parts of our weekend (now weekdays), I’m going to write about all the benefits.

1) We got to see family in Seattle. Den and I flew standby (my brother is a pilot) and so we aren’t guaranteed a seat, but we do get a 90% discount. Getting to Seattle was easy, but the plane to Boston was full. So instead of getting onto a plane at 10 AM, we called my other brother who was in Seattle to meet up. It was good to see him as well as my niece and nephew.

2) We got to explore downtown Seattle. With 10 hours until the next flight to Boston, we took the chance to wander around. My brother dropped us off at Pike Place and we went from there. We walked around the market, met super nice people (who were very helpful), bought some things, ate amazing sea food, explored stores downtown, and rode the train back to the airport. I’ve been to Seattle plenty of times, but this was one of my favorite experiences.

3) Hanging out in SeaTac. Who wants to hang out in an airport? Usually I wouldn’t. BUT for some reason I just love Seattle’s airport. I got a nail polish change for only $10 at the only Butter London store in the world. There is a SUB POP record store here which we always visit (my husband is a big Nirvana fan). Also, Beecher’s! Once you try their cheese, you will never want to eat anything else. I definitely did not hate my breakfast this morning. Mmmm.

4) Free time to watch Walking Dead (and blog). When we haven’t been exploring, we’ve been watching Netflix, specifically Walking Dead. We got behind and slightly disinterested, but lately it’s all that we watch. I haven’t minded the gore until lately…I feel like they are purposely making it as gross as they can…so I’m hoping they can tame it down a bit. Also, I’d much rather be reading a good book but have no clue what to read. Suggestions?

5) Boston, Boston, Boston! To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have ever planned a trip specifically to Boston if I didn’t have a reason to go there (maybe if I ever run a marathon?). I would have been missing out for sure though. When we arrived to the airport, we found out that the tax on renting a car is more than it costs just to rent the car (“Tax-achusates”), so we resorted to public transportation. I loved experiencing the train, taxi, water taxi, and alley ways that we walked. Not to mention it was MUCH cheaper.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Boston, just think modern day mixed with historical sites. Good example, they put a Ruth’s Chris steakhouse in the Old City Hall, constructed in the 1860s, with burial grounds from the 1660s right next door. You can be walking down the street next to modern day buildings and then out a now where appears a beautiful, but very old, historical church. It fascinated us.

Again, flying stand-by, we ended up having more time yesterday to explore and while I did want to go home to my kids, we got to see the harbor, Faneuil Hall, the markets, and wander the Commons some more. It ended up working well.

6) Once in a lifetime 5’nizza concert. The reason we went to Boston was to see a group called 5’nizza perform. They have been split up for quite awhile but got back together to do some more song lately. It’s a Ukrainian band and the odds of us ever seeing them perform again are extremely low, so we took a chance. Denys is probably one of their biggest fans and I have never seen him more excited than he was standing in front of them, front row, singing along to every word.

7) People. I like people, for the most part. Being in three airports and two different big cities, I have seen more people in 3 days than I have in the past year. I like to observe our interactions, hear all the different languages, and talk with a random stranger about what life is for them.

I could go on about the trip except I’ll have to talk about the chaos instead. Maybe next time. In just a few more hours I’ll be hugging my boys all will be right. Our little spontaneous adventure might have brought some stress, late nights, and non-budgeted money, but ultimately it made us richer. Experience and adventure always make us richer.

Next time, more pictures, less words!


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