TBT #2 // Engaged + 5 YEARS!

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, Den and I were engaged. Or dating. Even harder to believe, that we were once two missionaries, who hardly knew each other. Did that really happen?? It must have but it feels like we have just always been married, like life has always been this way. (Is that a good thing?)

Below is a picture of us, five years ago, engaged.
Today is actually our 5th Anniversary!! Yay!!

sorry for my creepy claw hand

I remember the day I posted this picture to Facebook. I was a little nervous and excited because before then, we had not made it known to the world in any way that we were even talking/dating. Pretty much, nobody knew besides close friends and family. We weren’t trying to be secretive, we just weren’t sure how things would work out given our circumstances. Plus, I felt like most of the time when I opened up to someone and told them about Denys (this Ukrainian living miles away from me who I had never even dated in real life) I could just see/hear the doubt wanting to escape from their bodies. Maybe that was just my own insecurities, but either way, it was best to avoid the topic.

Being engaged was fun. I lived with some friends, he lived in our future room (super small and cozy), and most of our time was spent commuting on the metro to go places, meet up, or take me home for the night. One of my favorite places that we would go to is the Kiev temple, which is behind us in that picture. It would take us over an hour to get there (Kiev is massive) using two different metro lines, one bus, and a mile or so walk. We went once a week and to this day I am amazed at how we managed to make that happen, yet living 10 minutes away from three different temples in Utah, we can never find the time. (Just lots of excuses.)

Our engagement wasn’t long. Den seriously surprised me when he asked, “Will you marry me?”, and then surprised me even more the next day when he told me he thought October sounded nice. It was the end of August. We had only been dating in real life for one month (emailing on and off for a year) and all I could think, over and over, was, “for real?” Yes. For real. It was all very real and I’m glad we both allowed ourselves to be vulnerable enough to take such a “risk”. When you know, you know, you know?

Happy 5th Anniversary, Den!


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