How We Wore It // Darker Fall Tones

Hey hey and happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week! Last month’s “How We Wore It” was so much fun (thanks to all of your super nice comments) that I decided to do it again. I still felt awkward posing for the pictures, however, there was definitely improvement. Plus, I actually felt comfortable in the outfit I picked, so let’s talk about it.

This month’s inspiration is a gingham & jeans look via StyleLovely 


I love this look so much! First off, black and white are the two most popular colors in my closet. For whatever reasons, I always want to buy everything black and white. Secondly, for the longest time I’ve wanted to get a pair of black skinnies, and believe me, I almost used this post as an excuse to finally go out and get them. Also, her heels are amazing, right?? Unfortunately, I think I got rid of all of my heels. They simply aren’t practical for me to wear right now with kids and usually end up killing my feet, but I feel like her heels are what makes the outfit come together (now that’s a really fashiony thing to say).

Let’s talk gingham. I swear it is everywhere I go right now. That and plaid. Or is there a difference??? I’m nervous this is going to be one of those moments like when I called a “chambray” shirt a jean shirt. I seriously don’t know the difference. Help me out and let me know if plaid and gingham are the same or different. Anyway, I was tempted to wear my favorite blue/red plaid shirt for this outfit, but rather than going that route, I decided to stick with black. When in doubt, wear black!

Photo cred Aubrey Zaruba (thank youuuuu!)

Sasha wanted a turn at taking my picture. I couldn’t resist adding his (below).

In case you are wondering…
Jeans: Madewell
Boots: Sam Edelman (they’re needing a good polish)
Necklace: Madewell
Purse: Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Random fact, when I was in Ukraine, I seemed like everyone wore black ALL fall and ALL winter long. (I owned a turquoise coat and felt like a fish out of water.) While I do LOVE black, I seriously missed seeing color on people. It got to be so depressing that I was excited for spring to come just for people to start wearing color again. Having remembered that, I’m now wanting to invest in some color, darker tones still, for the winter.

What are your fall/winter staples? What colors are you drawn to?

As before, check out the blogs below to see their interpretations of StyleLovely’s outfit. I love doing “How We Wore It” and seeing all the other outfits that people come up with. Each and every one of our styles are unique and I find this collaboration fascinating. If you’re interested in participating, register through Brooke at Silver Lining.

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15 thoughts on “How We Wore It // Darker Fall Tones

  1. I love that cardigan! I love that for the most part, fall now seems to have it’s own set of colors we embrace–I tend to get a bit caught in the black/white cycle so it’s nice to embrace that and sometimes it’s nice to break into some color.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here’s a secret: I outfit repeat a lot. So, I almost do wear this everyday, haha. Aubrey and I met through Bonnie @thelifeofbon, who is my neighbor and friend. They are both such great girls to be around!


  2. That cardigan is adorable! Totally love the silly picture and the reflection of the passer-by-er who clearly doesn’t know what a blogger fashion photo shoot looks like 🙂


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