I don’t want to walk a half marathon.

relaxing in our tent in a messy unfinished playroom

The closer the date for my half marathon approaches, the more I understand that actually running it won’t be a reality. At first I thought that I’d be able to run it, just not as fast as I was training for. Then I thought, maybe I could walk/run as my knee pleases… just to not completely give up on all of this.

My latest training has only been a few miles here and there, and most of those runs I’ve had to stop and stretch because my knee was hurting. A few miles. I can’t even imagine 13.1, downhill (which makes it worse), and stretching every 1-3 miles. What if… what if I am running and it gets so bad that even stretching doesn’t help? What if I end up walking almost an entire half marathon? And that is when I realized that I do NOT want to walk a half marathon. I could barely handle walking 2 miles back to my car after running a painful 2 miles away from my car. No thanks.

Most of all, I don’t want to risk doing any more damage to my knee. I have not given up on this dream. I will continue to run. Always. My knee is a temporary setback. However, if I push myself and run 13.1 miles despite this pain, who knows if/when I’ll be running again. As much as it frustrates me and makes me sad, I have to postpone my half marathon.

I miss running.

For now, I’m taking it slow. I will continue to train for a half marathon and when I am ready to run one, I will register. Hopefully, that is sooner than later. Come on, knee…


4 thoughts on “I don’t want to walk a half marathon.

  1. How frustrating! You’re smart though. I’ve pushed through and ran/walked a couple of times when I definitely shouldn’t have. I’m finalizing sleepover details tomorrow so email me if this now means you can come.


  2. Oh gosh. This has got to be killing you. Is there any way to cancel your registration? Is there a 5k you could switch to? I totally get wanting to push yourself past it, but I know having a knee injury will make it not the most fun ever.

    I hope you find your knee mojo, no matter the outcome. You’re fantastic.


  3. All the feels for you. Stay strong. Just like running, the mental battle is just as tough. Listen to your body and everything little thing will be alright. Sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery =)


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