Short hair, don’t care.

Is it really FRIDAY??? You guys, this week just flew right by. I have been busy, anxious, excited, exhausted, and needing lots more Zzzzzzzs. Yesterday, I started a TBT post (part of my October goals) and only made it halfway through. So, I will save it for next Thursday, as that week shouldn’t be so hectic.

And just because I felt like there might not be enough changes going on in my life right now, I went ahead and made one more. My hair.  I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am to have shorter hair. I feel like the older I get, the less I worry about what the “world” wants me to do, and the more I concentrate and what I want for myself. With all the choices that are thrown at us in life, I figure why do anything else than what is best for me.

The majority of people tell me that they love my natural color (strawberry blonde) and wish they could have it. I lighten my hair nonetheless. The majority of people tell me that my hair is so pretty long. However, I dream of just shaving my head for the rest of my life (that would take a level of confidence that I will never have).

The first time I ever chopped my hair off, I was 18 years old. Twelve inches, gone. The reactions I got were very different. Some people loved it, but when I heard negative stuff like, “What did you do???” or “Sarah’s hair was all she had going for her”, you can believe that I was hurt. I was 18! After that experience, I struggled with cutting my hair short….PTSD or something. I’m happy to say that I no longer care though. I have found a way to do what I think is best for me and be confident about it. And not just with my hair.

I chose Denys, a boy who I served my mission with and lived in another country, without caring what others would think (I got A LOT of opinions on that).
I chose to finish my undergrad when I had a baby without caring what others would think.
I chose to get a part-time job not long ago.
I chose (and continue to choose daily) a whole bunch of parenting techniques that I felt were best for us.
And sadly, I chose to drop out of my half-marathon next week (more to come on that) … again, not caring what others will think.

A good way I can tell if I am NOT confident about my choices is if I get offended by others’ opinions. Almost always, if I feel hurt I ask myself WHY before finding fault in anyone else. Most often, the verdict is my own insecurities (like it was with my short haircut for a long time). The trick is to understand why you do what you do and then OWN IT. If it’s the best for you, then you should be confident about that.

I’m not sure why I am getting all preachy over here about confidence…but maybe it’s because I feel like it’s the key to being content with ourselves in this life. It’s the key to being content with others. It’s the key to world peace!! Or just inner peace…I may have gone too far with that.

Anyway… I can officially say, “short hair, don’t care.” And if you loved my hair long, then I invite you to come do it for me everyday.


6 thoughts on “Short hair, don’t care.

  1. You look so pretty! Your hair is gorgeous at any length! I think it’s so great that you have found that inner confidence to do whatever you want. I feel like it’s a journey we all have to go through. And even better, you are confident without being angry at others. I think that is the hardest part for me, feeling confident in my decisions and not being angry at those who disagree with me. You are a great example!

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  2. I have actually been thinking about shaving my hair again! I shaved it for a charity the first time around, which made it More Acceptable somehow. I loved how free I felt, and how the look revealed me instead of my hair, but … oh, man, having to explain why over and over again was exhausting. (Still, I think it might be coming.)


  3. I could never see you as someone who cares about what people think about you, I guess teenage years, yeah, we all have been there but now no way!!! Love your hair. I totally can relate to alot of things in this post! Life is good


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