Weekly Running Recap // A new kind of training

only the cutest kid ever

Something kind of crazy happened this week. Instead of training for my half marathon, I ended up training for a new job that I got. So yeah, I got a job (part-time)!

It feels very weird but at the same time refreshing. When I’m gone, I worry about my kids and miss them, but then when I’m home I want to do nothing else but spend every second with them. And I wouldn’t have even applied for the job unless I felt absolutely 100% positive that it was what we needed. Nearby, part-time (Thurs-Sat very minimal), works around our schedule, and in an environment that I love, namely a dental office.

I’ve have a lot of experience working in dental offices, but mostly assisting and this is a front office position. I knew that if I ever needed to go back to work that it would either be with A) dental or B) russian. (Sadly, there are close to zero good paying jobs here in Utah using Russian.) Training has been intense and started MUCH sooner than I anticipated, so this week was basically dedicated to me surviving. I had much different plans for my running week, but could not find the time or energy to get out. Plus my knee.

Tomorrow Denys has the day off and my main goal is to buy some KT tape, then go for a run. I’ve been foam rolling, stretching, going to yoga, so now I just need to figure out this running and cross training thing. At this point, as much as my heart wants to run my half marathon as well as my training had gone up to my knee issues, I now know that I cannot predict anything. I just want to finish the best that I can (although deep down I wish that it could be under 10 minute miles). We will just have to see.

If you haven’t read her blog, then you should: The Hungry Runner Girl is really inspiring. (Thanks for the intro, Alyona.) She has had setbacks much more major than mine recently, yet she is already back to running the best that she can. I’m nothing but impressed by her dedication and determination to running. Hopefully this week I can apply a little bit of that in my life.

I’m hoping that all of your running is going much better than mine. Please, let me know how awesome you all are doing! I’d love to hear about some great runs.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap // A new kind of training

  1. I hope your knee feels better! Imglad you like hungry runner girl, she is amazing and is very inspiring! Hope you are back on track soon!


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