Simple Inexpensive Halloween Decor

Well, helloooo! Today’s post is a little spooky and a little scary. Scary, because I’m not the greatest crafter…yet I still choose to share with you some simple, inexpensive Halloween decor. I’m not an interior designer, nor can I afford one, so I do what I can and own it. That’s how we roll here.

This is real life at the Fedotov’s.

First of all, if you haven’t noticed, Target and Walmart have amazing “dollar” sections and party sections for holidays. I suggest you check them out. This is how you are going to keep things inexpensive. BEWARE though, because it can get expensive, fast, if you wander Target too long. I wanted to buy ALL the Halloween decor there. (If you can buy it all, wahoo! I’m on a budget this year, hence this post.) My willpower was, thankfully, feeling mighty strong that day.

Here is what I was able to come up with for hardly any money, mainly by using things on hand. Get out your crafting scraps and start brainstorming!

  1. I bought the skeleton sticky hands in a party pack from Target, strung them on some fishing line (thanks Denys), and tada…my Halloween garland is complete.
  2. I had some old frames, spray painted one black with some spray paint in our garage, and found some FREE prints through Pinterest HERE, HERE, and HERE. You guys, FREE! I only had to pay to print them because I don’t have a printer at home.
  3. That little Spook House you see to the right was a project I did with my 4 year old son. He was too excited to decorate for Halloween, so I saved an almond milk carton, cleaned it out, and then we modpodged some tissue paper to it. We then cut out simple shapes to decorate it with and used an old sticker letter pack I had from 2007 to write “SPOOK” and “666”. Once again, everything here I already had at home somehow. Free! Plus, my kid was practicing all sorts of skills.
  4. For some finishing touches, I added some spiders and spider webs. I found them in the store for a super low price. Is it just me, or is this spider web stuff super temperamental??
  5. Lastly, I made a tiny door wreath. I know that this is super cheap looking (plus poor lighting). It is pretty cheap and I’m okay with that. I threw it together in about 10 minutes off the top of my head and wasn’t really trying. If I was to do it again, I’d probably try harder to make the spider web look legit, but hey, it’ll do! And at least my 5 year old neighbor got really excited over it! 🙂

It’s possible I will add some more here and there throughout the month, but this is enough to make us happy and in the holiday mood. Sasha loves Halloween and spooky things (no joke – we have seen all the Halloween kid specials on Netflix over and over) and I can’t wait for the actual day to come for him to celebrate. Nothing but excitement.

Speaking of, are you dressing up for Halloween? What has been your favorite costume? 


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