TBT #1 // Miss Sarah

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it always seems to bring about a nostalgia in me. Specifically to times when there were big changes going on in my life. I guess that every time the leaves change their color, I naturally like to make changes in me as well. Who knows. However, it appears to be the pattern.

FIVE years ago, I made one of the BIGGEST changes in my life. Instead of going home to America from my study abroad in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I moved to Ukraine. By October I had already been living in Ukraine for two months, gotten engaged to my now husband, and landed a job in a preschool teaching English. And every time I feel the cool crisp air and see the crunchy leaves on the ground, I remember walking to and from my job in disbelief. obolonteaching

I was living a life of adventure. It was exciting to be surrounded by millions of people in Kiev, the largest city I had ever lived in by far. I was in love…and I’d say that is a pretty amazing feeling. However, it was hard to be away from friends and family. At first, waking up to go to work where little kids seemed to hate me, was extremely tough (Miss Sarah could only speak in English). I wanted to quit. I felt inadequate. But I kept going and we grew to love each other so much, that by the time I said my goodbyes, my heart felt a little emptier. I’d love to see where they all are now, five years later.

For this TBT (Throw Back Thursday) post, I had to share this moment. The weather right now is perfect and everyday it reminds me of that crazy, yet fulfilling, time in my life.


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