Weekly Running Recap // HELP ME

horizontalrunningToday’s run didn’t go so well. I need some MAJOR suggestions. If you’ve ever had to deal with an injury…or maybe a possible injury…then you know exactly how frustrating this is. So here it goes.

1) Tuesday – 3.8 miles – This is my favorite run. It is part trail, part road, and a lot of great views. Please note, my knee did not bother me hardly at all. If you remember from my long run last week, I had some bad knee pain after 9 miles that caused me to walk the last 2.

I wanted to squeeze another run in on Wednesday or Thursday, that didn’t happen. My life is a mess and I’m doing the best I can. I need to do better though.

2) Saturday – 2 miles– Sadly, something is up with my knee, even with the strap. Today was rainy, humid, cold, and after 2 miles my knee was done. Lots of pain. So I walked 2 miles back to my car, grudgingly.

Honestly, most of those 2 miles I wanted to cry. It was as if a constant reel of my current messy life was on replay over and over in my mind. Cue devil…

Grrrrreat…my knee just has to do this to me now. First marriage counseling, then ear infections, next a cavity, then my kid who is too thin and won’t walk. Don’t forget the extra two front teeth that will have to be pulled by an oral surgeon. Yeah, I’m sure that won’t be cheap. Add it to the rest of the bills. That’s why I’m getting a part time job, right? To pay for all the counseling and bills and food my kid won’t eat. Dumb knee. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.”

Sorry you just had to read all (half) of my negative thoughts. I know that I have SO much to be grateful for. But there are moments in which it can be very difficult to see the good, even if it’s all around you. Which is why I immediately turned on the thankful switch or else I would have never survived that 2 mile walk back to my car. In sync with every step I started to say…

“I’m. Thankful. For. My. Health. I’m. Thankful. For. My. Parents. My. Childhood. I’m. Thankful. For. My. Kids. That. They. Are. Alive. And. Healthy. I’m. Thankful. For. My. Husband. I’m. Thankful. For. ……”

And so on, until I returned to the car.

Yes, I’m sad about my knee. I’m confused and frustrated and wanting more than anything for it to magically feel better! But I do have a lot to be thankful for in this life. Truthfully, I need to strength train. I’ve been having a hard time making time, but it seems like if I don’t, then I won’t even be running at all.

Please, if you have ANY suggestions at all. What can I do? I’m almost positive that the pain is my IT band. I’ve never had to deal with a running injury before. I have 3 WEEKS or less until my race (October 24th). I want to continue running if possible. Should I do the elliptical? What exercises can help besides stretching a lot? Any magic out there??


10 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap // HELP ME

  1. You are doing great! Good job for trying so hard to run. I just don’t. Hehehe. I’m sorry life is messy. I feel like as we grow up things just get harder. I can’t wait to see you this week. Hopefully V behaves so we can have a nice long chat. Keep up the good work. You’re a rock star!!!

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  2. So sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. Please know you can always call me/Jared to talk. We love you! As for running, I’ve learned that pre/post stretching is most important. Second, definitely strength training. Also, I taped my knee for several weeks until I felt comfortable to try a short run without it. KT tape was what I used and it really helped.
    I really like these stretches:

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    1. Thank you! I love you guys too!! This week has been crazy…I finally made it to yoga tonight. I’m just going to do my best until the half and then run the best that I can. I need to get this KT tape and get my butt into gear. At least I got you running 🙂 I will feel successful because of that even if I don’t do the greatest running.


  3. hey! I’m dealing with the same thing: race on the 24th, totally have a shin splint that has been making me limp around. Let us know what you end up doing…i’m kind of panicking about race time!

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    1. Oh noooo 😦 I’m sorry to hear about your shin. How are your shoes? If my shins hurt, it’s usually because my shoes are old or don’t have enough support. I’ve been suggest KT Tape. Check it out. I hope it helps! (And ice!)


  4. injuries are the WORST! i had a hip injury several years ago, and the biggest advice i have is to be careful. i kept running and running and running until i couldn’t even walk-not worth it. you were really smart to stop running and walk back to the car. i haven’t had IT band issues, but i know they can be a total bugger. do you have a foam roller? i know rolling out on that daily helps a lot of people. if you need any tips to help your little dude, you have my number:)

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    1. Thanks, Aubrey! I need to be better at foam rolling daily. Every time that I actually do it, I immediately feel relief. Time and organization is my issue. Also, I do need to text you, so hopefully I can remember tomorrow 🙂


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