Fall Blogging Goals

First off, I have to say a big thanks to everyone who commented on my last post someway or another. Following this post, I am going to immediately reply to those comments. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it sooner. And again, thank you! I really enjoyed collaborating and hope to do it more often.

Secondly, I’ve been slacking. I’m sorry. When I started blogging, I just dove into it all with no hesitation, deciding that with time I would get it all figured out. Three months later, I am only beginning to figure out that this is LOTS and LOTS of work. That is if you want to have regular content and frequent traffic. I’ve gone back and forth about how much I really care about the numbers, because truthfully, this is not a contest for me to have a large following. Popularity, fame, and attention is not my motive, not even a drop of it. So, then I have focus on what it is that actually motivates me to blog – documenting, sharing, connections, growth, and having an outlet.

In order to make the best out of my blog, I know that I have to make some goals. Remember how I did that with running and that it is actually working for the most part? Well, its time. And what better time than FALL! So, let’s do this (because you’re holding me accountable).

GOALS for Fall Blogging

1 – Maintain the weekly running recap, posted on Saturday evening (Sunday if there is a good excuse)
2 – Throwback Thursday! I’ve never tried a consistent theme day, so we will see how it works for me. I thought that this would be a good way for readers to get to know me a little better. What are some throwbacks you’d be interested in??
3 – Share some Ukrainian/Russian recipes once every two weeks. I’m pretty excited about this one. MMMMM!
4 – CULTURE once every two weeks. Whether it’s connected to marriage, traditions, language, you name it…I’d love to blog more about culture in some way.
5 – Projects once every two weeks. Basically I have a bunch of DIY sitting around and I need to finish them ASAP.
6 – Reach out to other bloggers for a collaboration (once a month?)… this intimidates me a bit, but I want to do it.
7 – At least four blog post per week. I know I can do it if I just organize myself.

What do you think?? What are some goals that you are setting for yourself (blog or non-blog related)? What in the above goals sounds interesting to you? I’d LOVE your input.

Thanks, ya’ll!! Now I’m off to some late YOGA ❤

Also, non-blog related, I need to lay off the sugar. 😦

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