How We Wore It // Fall Transition

Today I am collaborating with a fabulous bunch of bloggers to show you all kinds of outfits we can come up with from our very own closets. “How We Wore It” is organized by Brooke with Silver Lining, who then chooses an outfit inspiration for the month. This months inspiration comes from Life with Emily.

orange crush 4
via Life with Emily

The second I saw this picture I panicked a bit. If you have read my “I may just be the strangest girl ever” post, then you probably know that I hardly own any brightly colored tops (or even blouses). Especially orange/red/yellow. I wasn’t sure what I could come up with other than a V-neck and converse, but after looking in my closet, I remembered about some pieces I haven’t worn in years.

What stood out to me from Emily’s outfits is how she kept everything fairly neutral in color, with exception to her top. I also loved how she paired up some comfy distressed jeans with classy items – shoes, clutch, top, watch – for contrast. I like to imagine that people in fashion actually do these types of things on purpose. Me, well…I purposely don’t think about this stuff, but that’s not why I chose to do this collaboration. I chose to do it to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. So here is what I was able to come up with from my small closet selection.

Top: Nordstrom // Jeans: Paige // Shoes: Aldo

IMG_7700 IMG_7750howtoholdlipstick

If that last photo collage didn’t give it away for you, I can never be too serious when it comes to stuff like this. I would really appreciate a class on modeling at times like these. Or not. Anyway, as we were snapping these photos, I told my photographer (aka husband) that I’d never wear this outfit in real life. His response was, “WHY??? I like it. It’s so bright.” Precisely. Also, because A) the clothes are still a little tight on my postpartum body, B) rarely do I go anywhere where I feel comfortable in a blouse and wedges, and C) I’m so stuck in my simple-comfy-clothes ways!

Let’s talk about that lipstick though. There is a reason I so awkwardly attempted 1 billion photos with it. In the fall and winter, I LOVE lipstick, (specifically good lipstick) and in my opinion, NARS has it mastered! This is their matte lip pencil and as soon as I bought it, I wanted 10 more colors. Emily wore a fun bright pink nail polish in her outfit, so I decided to add that color to my lips instead.

And that is how I wore it (for 15 minutes until I got into my running clothes for a workout). This is my first time ever doing something like this, so show a little love in the comments if you could. Thanks 😉 If you are curious to see what others did with the look, check out the blogs below!

Brooke at Silver Lining (if you’re interested in collaborating next time, a sign up doc will be on Brooke’s page)
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Aubrey at Aubrey Zaruba
Jennifer at The Pepper Express
Berkley at Berkley Anne
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Jacqui at Drink the Day
Brooklyn at Brooklyn Jolley
Madison at Madison Custer
Alicia at Snowstorm
Shelby at R + S Brereton
Alexa at He and I

29 thoughts on “How We Wore It // Fall Transition

  1. Love the outfit you came up with! And I’ll definitely be looking into that lipstick! I’m finally getting brave and trying out lipstick…sometimes! Haha. Also, your shoes are super cute! And they look like they’ve got to be pretty comfy too! The best combo!

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  2. i love your outfit! the top is really cute, and maybe you don’t feel back to your old pre baby body, but it looks great on you. i love the lipstick too. i’ve been trying to wear more lipstick lately. my lips are horrible and with winter coming i might not be wearing much lipstick soon. i should check out the NARS pencil.


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