Sasha mastered the art of spider drawings this week.

I feel the need to talk about something that I’ve been truly missing in my life and have recently found.

Good neighbors.

I grew up in a small town called Honeyville. Isn’t that the cutest name for a little “village”, as Denys calls it. My childhood was fun, mainly because I had friends next door, down the street, down the block, and a few farms south. It was the best. We would walk to each other’s houses, ride bikes, roller blade, or take trips to the local little store for 5 cent gummy candies. There are definitely pluses and minuses to living in a small town like ours, but over all, being surrounded by great neighbors in a close community is beyond memorable.

Having grown up with this, I never really realized how awesome it was until I was without it. As a single adult it isn’t that vital, but as a married couple and small family, I have longed and craved for good neighbors. Denys and I have lived in several places since getting married and we were finding it extremely difficult to connect in our community. The closest we ever got was when I was getting my undergrad and we lived in student apartments. Sure, we literally had great neighbors all around us, but the living conditions weren’t ideal, nor did I have much time with 16 credit hours and a baby to be socializing. I took all of my friends there for granted simply because I didn’t know how boring my life was about to get.

The next couple moves that we made were hard. People were established, private, older, younger, busy, or anything else you can think of. Not only that, but I’ve learned that it can take awhile to make friends in a community and in both of these places, our time was fairly short before we would end up moving again. And I missed friendly neighbors. Badly.

Is this a thing of the past?

What happened to borrowing a cup of sugar?

Do we not connect anymore with those around us?

What is all this alienation about?

But then…one more move.

Our current area has been a breath of fresh air. In fact, so refreshing, that we took no time for thought and bought a townhome nearby. Suddenly, there were neighbors around us that we actually knew, spoke with, hung out with, and overall connected with. Could it be??

The best of all though is when right next door, a small family, just like us, moved in. The townhome had been empty for a month or two and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pray about getting some good neighbors in there. It’s such a small thing, yet so wonderful, that I will never take it for granted again. My kids have friends, we have friends, I can borrow an egg, and they can borrow syrup. Our kids go to each other’s houses, which is new for me in this whole mom thing, but I LOVE it. I love that my kids can know what it’s like to have a friendly neighborhood, to have people around that care and support you.

Life truly is easier and more fulfilling when you are a part of a neighborhood, filled with friends and family.

Do you live in a friendly neighborhood? How do you reach out to those around you?


7 thoughts on “Neighbors 

  1. I’m so happy that you got good neighbors! It doesn’t bother me that I’m not that close to mine because Dad and I are the closest of neighbors and we do most things together. As long as I know my neighbors are friendly to me, I’m fine that we don’t get together that much.


  2. We had some great neighbors. But our housing area is doing really well with resale value. This means that all the neighbors that we’ve known for the last five or six years are now moving away because they’re making twice as much on their house than they paid for it. I wish I could have neighbors that would stay forever. But I think that it’s a thing of the past in many places.


  3. I came from a small town, but for some reason, my parents never made relationships with our neighbors. It was really isolating. Now I live in an apartment building in Raleigh and I make it a point to say hi and know everyone’s names. I ask how their dog/kid/grandmother is doing. We *need* community. I’m glad you found yours. 🙂

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