No Run Week

I bet you are all wondering what happened to my weekly running recap. Well, sad news, I don’t have one for you. It wasn’t planned, but I took the week off. I tried not to think about it, although every day that went by and I wasn’t running, I kind of had a mini panic attack.

What I did instead was…

  1. went to Zumba (but wished I hadn’t)
  2. went to a new chiropractor who also does sports medicine
  3. went to yoga (and loved every minute)
  4. had several identity crisis’

 As mentioned in my last post, last week I was weaning Liev, my 15 month old. I’m pretty sure it has to be the hormone change, because I use that excuse for everything, but I just felt like the whole week I was riding an enormous emotional rollercoaster. Additionally, having my lower back be in constant pain (still!) was driving me nuts. So much complaining, so many tears, so many adult tantrums.

I was overloaded this week and the guilt of not running was getting to me (half marathon!!!). My husband obviously knew I was having a rough time handling it all…and deep down inside himself he found an ounce of patience to give me a hug and some good advice. He compared me to an ant trying to carry a big cookie. “Sarah, you can’t carry the whole thing at once. Take a little piece of it to carry, eat it, and enjoy how tasty it is.” For some reason I just loved this.

So I didn’t run, and my body honestly needed the break, but I did wean Liev. And I did make healthy dinners a couple times this week. And I did go to zumba and yoga. And I remembered that I don’t need a lot of stuff in life, just time with those I love and memories. I remembered how wonderful it is to have a healthy and strong body. And so I say, it’s okay. It’s a new week and I can’t wait to run.


2 thoughts on “No Run Week

  1. A new week — that’s the best way to look at it. I have frequent adult tantrums, but thankfully Mike is never here to see them happen. I somehow manage to keep them inside 9-5, do something to get endorphins back (chocolate or running, ha!), and then he comes home to a fresh person. I’m glad you’re on the other side of it. Keep on truckin’!

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