Peach Days 10k // Weekly Recap

My body is definitely feeling yesterday’s race!! And in order for you to understand, let’s start at Monday.

1) Monday – 4 miles – It was nice that this was a holiday and Denys didn’t have to go to work. He was able to watch the kids while I went for a run around 11 AM. The weather was perfect, my body was happy, and I ended up running a 9:15/mile average. Ever since my past knee issues, I hadn’t been able to run like this and it was nice to see some progress.

2) Wednesday – rest from 4 miles – This day I was supposed to do another 4 miles and I was really looking forward to it….until 2 PM. My back started to hurt a bit and later when I went to pick something up off the floor (mind you it was very light) a nerve got pinched. I’m not new to back problems and knew that I needed to rest instantly. And so I did. Any wrong movement and I was in loads of pain.

3) Thursday – getting an adjustment – There is a place here called The Joint that does walk-in adjustments. No appointment is needed. You just walk in, pay $29, and get adjusted. Or you can pay $59 for the month and get 2-3 adjustments weekly. I had gone there before when I messed my back up holding Liev and our HSA paid for it. It worked for me then, so I decided to try it again. The adjustment felt amazing. Immediately, whatever nerve was pinched, felt tons better.

My lower back continued to be tight and sore for the next few days, so I just kept taking it easy. I applied essential oils to it and took Ibuprofen to help as well. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do my race, but by Friday night I felt like it might be okay to run.

4) Saturday – 10k Race Day – Den, the kids, and I woke up at 5:30 AM, got ready, and drove an hour north to my home town where the race was being held. My sister-in-law was running her very first 10k with me and so I met her there.

This was my second time running the Peach Days 10k race. The first time was in 2013 and I ran it in 1:00:33. With my back and knee causing me grief this week, I wasn’t sure if I should try for a PR or if I should just aim to finish. I had no idea how my body would handle running and honestly, I was nervous.

At 8:00 AM sharp we started the run down Main St. This is probably the funnest run for me because the entire time I’m extremely nostalgic, remembering my childhood and teenage years. Running on the streets where my friends lived, where I drove to people’s houses, where I went for walks, where I worked and played…the town is FULL of memories! I don’t go there often anymore and so to run there is a treat for me.

It wasn’t until mile 2 that my knee felt funny. I kept running and any pain went away. My back didn’t bother me either. In fact, I was running pretty well considering my week and this alone was motivation for me to keep it up. I suddenly felt like a PR would be possible. There were 3 steep small hills to run up and, remembering them from two years ago, I was surprised that they didn’t bother me this year. However, the last hill, the not-so-steep but oh-so-very-long hill, was tough…just as I remembered.

This hill started around mile 5 and, of course, my knee/IT band started to hurt again. I took a 15 second break to walk and try to massage the muscle, but knowing I was SO close the end, I didn’t want give up. I ran again and just focused on my form. Thankfully, people were in the streets getting ready for the parade, cheering us on. Every person that would clap for me was like another boost of energy. Pretty soon I could see the finish line and the timer that said 58:50. “Get there before 1:00:00,” I told myself…so I ran faster.

Officially, I still don’t know my time. Hopefully it will be up today or tomorrow, but according to Strava, I finished at 59:34. That is ONE whole minute faster than 2 years ago. I know it’s just a minute, but it’s a PR and I will take it! Especially when I wasn’t even sure if I could run at all! I’m just happy that my body cooperated and that I enjoyed the run. I felt strong and for the first time in awhile, I had a bit more hope that 13.1 miles will be possible.

what Strava recorded…waiting official time
Sasha is my biggest fan. I adore this sweet boy.
my sis-in-law, who ROCKED this race

What other races went on this weekend? How do you feel about chiropractors?


2 thoughts on “Peach Days 10k // Weekly Recap

    1. Thanks! Oh no, I have been in a accident before and a chiropractor (if the right one) helped me tons. I went to a new guy yesterday who focuses more on sports medicine…I’m hoping my lower back starts to feel better soon.


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