What I did with some extra veggies.

So, this is random but I am excited about it, so why not blog about it! I bottled some things the other day and I have never felt more domestic in my entire life. I grew up watching my mom do this EVERY YEAR. I’d even get to help sometimes. We had a huge garden and my parents didn’t let a single bean or berry that grew there go to waste. I can still remember the noise and smells of the grapes being pressure cooked into grape juice. They are some of my favorite childhood memories.

We may not have a huge garden yet, but I did inherit a lot of juicy tomatoes from a friend. I DO have entirely way too much basil and oregano though, so I made sure to put it all to good use.

The recipes I used turned out delicious and the canning process was actually VERY easy. So easy that I had to share with you all. I think we hear the words canning, waterbath, and brine and think, “WOAH, too much work, no thanks” (at least I do). However, it’s not bad at all. I love that I was able to put a batch of tomatoes to good use and that it will last us for a few meals. Otherwise, they’d just be rotting on my counter.

The first one I did is a Tomato Basil Simmer Sauce with Roasted Garlic. The recipe can be found here on Our Best Bites.The second thing that I made wasn’t actually sealed in the bottle, you just keep in in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Denys promises that these Refrigerator Pickles will be gone before then. He is obsessed. Again, you can find the recipe here on Our Best Bites.And let’s not forget about my stash of Cherry Coke Zero down there. That stuff is liquid gold. Coca-Cola did that for me and I thank them dearly for it.

Do you bottle anything? Anyone have some favorite recipes? Favorite memories?


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