Things I’ll be missing // Summer

Now that it’s September, Sasha has started Pre-K, and the nights are getting cooler, it’s hitting me that I have to say goodbye to summer. I love the season changes in Utah, but truly, summer is my absolute favorite time. I think that I’ve always loved summer because there was 1)no school and 2)my birthday, however, with kids I think I love it even more. No coats to lug around, no wet cold snow getting tracked into the house and car, no slippery roads causing me anxiety, hardly any sickness going around all the time, and a lot of freedom to run around and play play PLAY!

Here are some of the things I’ll be missing from this summer, cell phone picture style.

1. Friend time.
2. Tan lines.
3. Sandy beaches.
4. Sandals.
5. Shorts.
6. Green grass.
7. Wagon rides.
8. Playing in the back yard.
9. Tomato eating from the garden.10. Campouts.
11. Hiking.
12. 8 PM runs.
13. Summer sunsets.
14. This view…since they are now digging it up for more townhomes. 15. Swimming lessons.
16. Family pool time.
17. All of my fresh herbs (now harvested and going in sauces/salsas).
18. Our garden experiment. I’m already looking forward to next year.
19. This balcony, where we watch sunsets, blow bubbles, and chat with neighbors. Maybe we can still arrange that with snow. 20. Farmers Market and FRESH JUICY peaches.
21. Thanksgiving Point’s gardens.
22. Park play time.
23. Rolling on grass.
24. Picnics! (And Liev stealing my salads.)
25. Bare (baby) feet.
26. Summer nights and lights.
27. Stargazing.
28. Holidays and fireworks.

That list could go on forever! I have a feeling that over half of the world agrees with me, Summer, you will be missed. Until next year!

What will you be missing?


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