my husband sings and writes songs

I’m sure there are a lot of things in life that we would all love to do as a career, yet we know that it wouldn’t actually get food on the table. For example, I’d love a career in eating cookies but nobody is going to pay me to do that. Actually, my dream job would be to travel…okay, this isn’t really a job either…but I’m sure it’s possible, right? My husband has one of these fun hobbies, but it has MUCH more career-like potential. He is singer/songwriter.

One of the very first things that I remember about Denys is him playing and singing music. Coldplay and Switchfoot to be exact. All the time. The guy is naturally gifted, self-taught, and quite amazing. When we lived in Ukraine, he sang in restaurants and, literally, that is how we were able to eat as a newly-wed couple. His talent has been a big blessing for us. However, at this stage in life it has to be a hobby.

The past two years Denys has participated in a singer/songwriter contest that Guitar Center hosts online. This year he has entered again and we would love for you to check it out. Last year we could watch his videos over and over again for new points, but this year they are only counting unique views. YOU could be 5 unique views for him (there are 5 different songs), which means 5 whole freaking points. Woo woo!! And trust me when I say it means a lot to him, or else I would not be writing this post. He is deep-down-in-his-soul grateful for every single view and comment.

You can check out his contest page here (all the songs are at the bottom of the page). THANK YOU!!!

Den’s 15 minutes of fame // Performing at Artek, Crimea 2010

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