Weekly Training Recap

Those clouds! We live on that “mountain” to the left.
I quickly ran upstairs away from the chaos so that I can write my weekly running recap. I mentioned in my last post, but it has been a pretty crazy week. And instead of reflecting of all that didn’t go right, let me tell you some highlights:

  • I went to yoga on Monday and tried some really fun tricks. I’m actually getting the hang of crow and attempting grasshopper.
  • We got our car back!! Yay!! It’s shinier in the front than it’s ever been.
  • I spent some luxury time with a friend and her boy at a local “beach”. Soaking in as much summer as possible.
  • I got to eat some Waffluv this weekend.
  • We have visitors that we haven’t seen in years. It’s always fun to have guests and catch up with friends.
  • I made some cookies for a birthday party last night and they were devoured. I love when I can make other people’s taste buds happy.

Needless to say, in between and during all of those moments I was a mess. Liev, my 15 month old, is getting FOUR molars…slowly and painfully. I miss sleep and my happy baby. On to my week of training!…

1) Monday – yoga – This is the biggest game changer for training. I need to do it more often. Hoping to get to Bikram this week.

2) Tuesday – 2.8 miles – An entire mile of this run was consistently uphill (340 ft gain). I’ve done this hill a few times now and this time I significantly improved my pace. This probably is the highlight of my week.

3) Wednesday – biked 11.8 miles – Den and I got to do this ride together. I was trying to pick easier routes so that I wouldn’t over do it, but ended up putting us at the top of the steepest hill you can find. I always joked about us riding this someday but never imagined making it a reality. I will never do it again. Down was great. Up was scary.

4) Saturday – 5.8 miles – I missed my Thursday run. That was the day we got our car back, went to the doctor and there was a lot of hangry waiting. SO I jumped right into my Saturday long run. It was super windy. Blow me away windy. It seemed like no matter what direction I ran, there was a headwind. I really wanted to run 7 miles but my joints were telling me otherwise. I just felt like a 90 year old woman and couldn’t wake up. But I am proud of what I did.

I have a race next Saturday, a 10k, but I am not going to rest beforehand. For some reason, that never works to my benefit anyway. I have two 4 mile runs in the week and then an 8 mile run on Saturday. I am going to run the 10k instead and then see how I feel (since I am behind on my mileage anyway). I’m very excited about the 10k because it is in my hometown for Peach Days. I plan to take lots of pictures and show you all what you’ll be missing out on! 😉

Hope you all had a good (running) week! Let me know below what the highlight of your week was!


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