Sasha goes to Preschool

I have been attempting all week to get to this blog. We’ve been super busy (I missed my run yesterday) and some weeks are just like that. Here is a little update though to get us through to the weekend.

Sasha doing his best to hold still and smile.

Last year, I put Sasha in a preschool that was held at a gymnastics studio (is that what they are called?). I didn’t start him until January when I realized 1) he loves gymnastics and 2) I need a break from him. I seriously love my kid, but I quickly learned that having a break from him twice a week for two hours was AMAZING. He came back more in love with me and I, in return, was more in love with him.

This year he is officially going to a preschool for the full year in a nearby neighborhood. The past 2 weeks Sasha has been begging for it to begin and trust me when I say, I am just as excited. Wednesday, we can’t wait. BONUS: Instead of twice a week, it is three times a week. THREE. I’m trying to imagine what this means for me, but I can’t.

Not all my excitement is about me having a little break. In fact, the majority of it comes from me knowing that he is going to be learning so much, growing, making friends, and having fun while doing it. Today we got to go and meet his teacher for a bit and the reality is setting in. I’m so excited for our little Sasha man.

He insists on wearing his “running” shoes everywhere.

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