Little kid, big emotions.

Would you ever guess they are brothers? Loved this sweet moment.

Today Sasha was supposed to give a 2-3 minute talk in Primary at church. He was very excited, especially when he knew that he got to talk about Daniel in the lion’s den. Four year old boys love hungry lions. It was his first time, however, and stage fright got the best of him. As soon as we got up to the microphone, he got this cute little smile on his face and slid all the way towards me. Hidden behind the picture as silent as can be, I finally decided to just say the story for him.

Afterwards, his emotions took control and he had a melt down. He was pretty upset. I tried to comfort him but I quickly realized that I couldn’t help him. He just wanted to be left alone. So….I left, he laid on the floor hiding his face from everyone, and after 20 minutes he finally went and sat with his teacher.

Later in the day when asking him about his talk, he told me calmly, “I was just a little scared.”

I can’t even put into words the way this kid makes me feel. Being his mom is incredibly hard. He is so spirited and strong-willed. Somedays I’m not sure if he hears a word that I say. But at the same time, he has a huge heart. He loves people, laughing, hugging, teasing, exploring, and never ending playing. I know that he wasn’t able to give his talk today like we planned. I’m sure that his expectations were very different. But I’m so proud of him for being able to feel upset/scared/excited, calm down, and tell me with four-year-old maturity that he was just scared. He figured it out!

Emotions are tricky. How do you deal with your own? How do you help your kids manage their emotions?


2 thoughts on “Little kid, big emotions.

  1. LDS? I remember when I had to give my first testimony in church and my first ‘talk’ both were met with the same fear… I hated it. I was an introvert until the age of 23 when my job made it so I had to do presentations.


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