Weekend and Running Recap

How was everyone’s weekend??? I’m here to tell you about mine, as well as my running week. I pretty much only have about 8-9 weeks left of training for my VERY FIRST half marathon. That’s it. It’s extremely hard to imagine, especially after a run like I had today, so let’s just get into the running details right away.

1) Tuesday – 3.7 miles – I was supposed to do 4, but night time got in the way. Maybe it’s more like my lack of getting out of door before the sun starts to set. I was running on a trail that doesn’t have any street lights, so when I saw that there was hardly any sunlight left I quickly turned around. By the end, I called Denys and ran while talking with him for a few minutes until I got to the car. Memo to self: Buy some pepper spray. Run earlier.

2) Thursday – 2 miles – I think. Again, it was late, but I am dedicated. This time I went to our gym to use the track. I turned on my running app thinking it would be fine. Guess not. The GPS picture looked like a little kid had scribbled all over the place. The track is so small and you’d have to run the outside lane 8 times to reach 1 mile. Next time I can either count, or just use the treadmill. I stopped running early because my knee was starting to hurt.

3) Saturday – 5.6 miles – I finally got out the door earlier, but it was not in my favor. Bad timing seems to be the theme this week. I barely survived today’s run. It was around 1 PM when I started and let me tell you about the sun. And dry heat. 95 degrees. No shade. You bet I’m sunburned! I’m learning a lot of lessons, people! All of my future long runs MUST be done at 7 AM from now on. So no, I didn’t like this run. I live in a desert and should know better. However, my knee didn’t hurt. Here is why:

Before I went on my run this morning, I made a stop at my favorite running store for some things. I had been telling Denys about my knee that was bothering me and he was stumped. Basically, he told me to “go get a bandaid”. I’m not completely sure what he was thinking I should buy. A cloth wrap? …Language barriers… I could tell from his tone anyway that this was a problem he didn’t want to fix. And why should he? He is not into running at all. So I decided to go to the store and talk to some real runners.

The girl who was working was a one of a kind gem! She listened, offered suggestions, explained knee injuries, and watched my form on the treadmill. We decided a strap would most likely help me. I don’t know how the littlest thing strapped tightly under my knee can help, but it did! Literally, I felt zero pain in my knee while running today. Amazing!! I also grabbed a roller, hat, and hand held water bottle while in there. Anyone thinking that running isn’t an expensive sport? I wish.

new running purchases. not cheap.

mesmerized by the train
The weekend was adventurous. My neighbor and I took our kids on a train ride to a fun outdoor mall about 45 minutes away. We ate some pizza, played on the playground, and got ourselves a tasty treat at Fizz. I felt like my kids were crazy the whole time…but we survived. It was a lot of fun to get out together and do something that we’ve never done before. My neighbor told me she found her “new favorite place” because it reminded her of California. The place actually looks very similar to The Grove near Beverly Hills. I’d love to make this trip again. But slightly more prepared. And maybe without our kids so we can actually shop.

Today, after my run, we went to a local park that has a pond/wannabe lake with some other friends. My kids plus water is pure heaven. They love it and therefore my job is much easier. It was a nice evening chatting and relaxing. Honestly, despite the awful hot run, this Saturday has been a good end to the week. I’m excited that tomorrow is Sunday, which calls for more relaxing (besides 3 hours of church with kids).

Did you all have a good weekend? Anyone else have success using straps for knee pain? 


4 thoughts on “Weekend and Running Recap

  1. Love your post Sarah! They totally motivate me. Glad you found something to help your knee. I had problems with my knee for along time until a friend suggested altra shoes and seriously I don’t know what it is but haven’t had a problem since! Also I was told a running shoe is only good for 500 miles and then need to be replaced. So in case the pain comes back there are some things to consider. Good luck on the half! I feel like I can run farther on race day, lots more adrenaline!

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    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you find them motivating. My shoes currently have 120 miles on them (maybe a few more from some hikes). I’ve been using the same kind of shoe for years and was fitted for them, but next time I get shoes I was to try to switch it up. I’ll look into altra. Thanks again!!


  2. I hate frustrating runs. Good job going to the running store. It’s annoying spending money on that stuff but so worth it. I do actually wear straps/tracking braces when I run. My knee caps don’t track properly, and those braces make all the difference. Hopefully it fixes your knee pain too.

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    1. That is so interesting about your knees! She also showed me a compression sleeve that I may look into later if needed. The knee that is hurting me has always been a bit sensitive since my high school dancing days. It comes and goes. But this strap seems to possess some magic. Hopefully it continues to work.


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