Celebrities Who Blog

Oh fame. Apparently we all have at least 15 minutes in this lifetime. I’m pretty sure that mine passed…same with my husband’s…and we aren’t searching for more.

I’m not obsessed with fame or those in it, however, I will admit to having interest in some celebrities. I’m also not one who typically gets starstruck. I worked for as a nanny for a cinematographer almost 10 years ago and had the chance to see a lot of movie sets, plus glance at some actors. All of it was fascinating. But yeah, it never got me screaming or speechless. It would be very interesting to talk to some though….which is why I love the blog thing.

Julianne Hough just got engaged and how great is it that we get to read about it on her blog?? Kaitlyn Bristowe, the latest and engaged Bachelorette, is now blogging and shares her experiences from the show. Just the thing I was wondering about! Lauren Conrad shares all her secrets about how fabulous she is…please! I need. Plus, it’s just another way for them to earn a living, which IMHO, isn’t a bad idea.

Of course, you don’t have to be famous in order for me to like your blog, but I thought that I’d mention some of my faves. Without further adieu…celebbloggers

1- Julianne Hough: As I mentioned above, you can read all about her recent engagement on her latest post. Julianne is very real, positive, and down to earth. She cares a lot about people, which is evident in her posts. The content is a mix of everything and I’ve yet to get bored. Did I mention that I got to see her dance last month…that girl is amazing.

2 – Kaitlyn Bristowe: Another equally down to earth and positive girl. I know that she got a lot of hate as the bachelorette, but I personally really like her (especially after she dumped Nick). I love how aware she is of herself and has nothing but confidence in herself and her life choices, even mistakes.

3 – Lauren Conrad: I remember graduating HS and watching Laguna Beach all summer long in my parents basement on MTV. I could really relate to the cast, minus their luxury cars and beach homes, so the show is forever engrained in me at such a crazy time of life. Lauren was always my favorite, so of course I want to read her blog. It offers a lot of love, beauty, fitness, and fashion advice.

4 – You, Me, & Charlie // Dianna Argon: Also known as the mean blonde cheerleader on Glee. (The first mean blonde cheerleader.) I’m not quite sure how often she posts here, but she is the founder of You, Me, & Charlie. If you’re into learning more about new art, music, and travel, it’s a good source for it all.

5 – Hello Giggles // Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, & Sophia Rossi: These three talented ladies created Hello Giggles, “a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!)” Sadly, I too often forget to browse check in with this blog. I can’t say I love all of it, but some of my most favorite writes are located here! It covers EVERYTHING. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

6 – PRESERVE.us // Blake Lively: Another “founded by” type of blog. I don’t know what it is about this website, because I certainly can’t afford anything in the shop, but it just gives me a ton of happiness looking at it. It’s all so pretty and trendy. Plus, I love reading about the stories and looking at delicious food.

And there I shall end. I’m almost 100% positive that if I ran into any of these women on the street, I’d be speechless.

I know that the last three are really blogs “founded” by celebrities rather than their own lifestyle blog, but I feel like they are noteworthy. I’m also now realizing that they are ALL girls. It was not on purpose!

So tell me, what celebrity blogs do you like? (Or do you hate them?) Any male celebrity bloggers out there to balance my list??


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