A good run week.

Denys is currently on a flight home from his weekend in Florida. Around Father’s Day, I proposed that he go to see a really good friend and considered it a Father’s Day/Birthday present. I guess he liked the idea because he did not waste any time in buying his tickets. All weekend I kept thinking about how much fun he was most likely having with his friend, who he hasn’t seen in years, and it made me extremely happy.

As we approach 5 years of marriage, Den and I both know that we need a vacation. It’s been 5 years of go, go, go – living abroad, school, immigration, jobs, moving over and over, kid 1, kid 2, plus all the ups and downs that any relationship has to go through – we just need a break. However, it’s complicated with kids.  Sending him off to Florida was the next best thing and I know that eventually we (or I) will get our turn. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen before the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

LET’S TALK ABOUT RUNNING. I’m so excited about this past week. The one true motivator for me was the regret I had for not doing anything last week. Also, I’m just feeling determined to train well and stick to a plan. So here are my runs this week:

1) Monday – 2.1 miles – Nice and simple. I did this same run a lot during the winter. It’s definitely my go to run.

2) Wednesday – 3.6 miles – I did the same run as Monday, only took a different, longer way home. I found a new part of a trail that I didn’t know was there and I’m so happy I did. I loved it.

3) Saturday – 5 miles – Thanks to my parents for watching my kids for this. I was not excited, however, the run was very inspiring for me and I felt very good afterwards. Besides my knees. Every time I add miles, I get achy knees towards the end. It’s time for some more yoga and cross training.

And that’s a wrap. Only a few more hours until Den is home and I can have a little bit of sanity back. I’ll just bike today and get back with the plan tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “A good run week.

  1. I always got achey knees at the end when I upped my mileage. You’ll get used to it. Make sure to take care of them. If the pain gets too bad, walk for a while. Listen to what your body tells you. I have too many injuries from pushing through pain. 😉

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  2. Thank you! I am really trying to avoid injuries if possible. This is the first time my knees get achey but they did it again tonight towards the end. :/ Not pain, just aches. I’m now going to research how to take care of them properly…just incase.


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