Checking in: Running and plans.

Hello, Wednesday. You got here pretty fast. I’m excited for the next few days (and nervous) so I don’t mind that we have already reached midweek.

I’m just checking in to say that,

  1. I went running, just like I planned. There is success in writing down your plans.
  2. I attended a nearby Bikram yoga class. I left as sweaty as you can possibly get, yet feeling pretty clean.
  3. Another run in on the plan today, and I can’t wait.

It hasn’t been an easy week. My one year old is teething (molars) and therefore constantly whining and constantly wanting to nurse. I can feel my body shutting down and yesterday afternoon I begged my four year old to take a nap so that I could too. Thankfully, it happened. AND thankfully, I wrote down my plans for the week or else I’d be a complete mess.

Instead, I’m just partially messy, which is typical.

Here are a couple of plans that I found that I want to work off of. After this week I will make it more of my own, but I like having these as guidelines. Found here and here.


So this is really happening! If you’re reading this and have any 1st time half marathon advice, leave it below. I’d love to read about your first half and any tips!


9 thoughts on “Checking in: Running and plans.

  1. That’s so exciting, good luck! One of the biggest things I learned from training was to properly hydrate. On days I didn’t fuel enough, or drink enough before my run for that day I felt it. I quickly figured out I had to drink properly so I could get a good run in, or my body would feel it and I’d have trouble making it.

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      1. Since I am training for a half marathon, and not a full one I will probably not hydrate during. Just before and after. Sometimes energy gels, Stingers etc during my long runs!

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