Sasha’s “Neverland” Party

Let’s keep our expectations low as we go into this post. I gave myself about 1 week to throw this party together. After I looked up ideas on Pinterest for “Neverland Party” I about had a heart attack. Then I remembered that I don’t have $5,000 and calmed down.  Some people throw incredibly AWESOME parties, and I’m inspired by them, but nobody (especially a 4 year old) is going to expect that from me, simple Sarah. PHEW. However, I really want to dress up and go to one of those extravagant parties, preferably on the beach!

Okay, onto what I was able to come up with.

Zurchers. My lifesaver. I went in and out within 30 minutes and had almost all of our supplies. For all of the other parties I’ve done in the past, a lot of the decorations I just made myself. It did save us money that way, but this time I had 1 week, 2 kids, and no energy to stay up every night creating decorations.

mapI had a ton of paper bags from years ago and finally put them to use (see above). As we waited for all the kids to arrive, we watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates to set the mood. The pirate party mood. Plus, I made sure to say “Yo ho, let’s go!” at every opportunity possible.

On the console I had a treasure chest that I opened once the kids were all together. Inside was the treasure map along with the tattoos we’d be using for our first activity. I explained to everyone that to get to the treasure, we would need to go to all the different places shown in that order. The kids were so excited to go on a treasure hunt.

Here were the different places: 1) Tattoo Parlor, 2) Tic Toc Tail, 3) Island Walk, 4) Sink Hook’s Ship, 5) Balloon Lagoon Pop

games1. Tattoo Parlor is pretty understandable. I just stuck pirate tattoos on the kids. I forgot how excited kids get about the simple little things like that. I’m glad I added it.

2. Then, I had printed off this pin the tail on Tic Toc Croc for us to play. Find it here.

3. For the Island Walk, I used those foam puzzle pieces above (middle). (I didn’t have time to print off different Neverland Island pictures.) We put them in a circle, played some music, and when it stopped, whoever wasn’t on an “island” had to walk the plank. The kids had their shoes off and just got their feet wet (or so I tried to keep them as dry as possible).

4. Trying to sink Hook’s ship was interesting simply because by this time, it was getting harder for the kids to focus. After all, I did just have them jump in some water which was probably a lot more interesting than throwing paper balls into a bin. But they did it. And as you can see above (right), the left ship had the most balls inside, making Team 1 the winner (if the kids would have actually stayed in teams, haha). We bought duct tape to put over the paper to make them look more like cannon balls, but again, I ran out of time.

5. The last thing the kids did (almost) was pop some balloons. They aren’t pictured because I took these photos hours after the party ended. So, imagine. We had 12 balloons taped on the wall in a square, and inside some of them were pieces to a puzzle. The puzzle had a CLUE to where the treasure (piñata) was hidden. It read, “Not up, nor down. Beneath these it shall be found.” With a drawing of some stairs.

Finally, the kids found the treasure piñata underneath our stairs and we had a fun time trying to break it open.


After all the games, we did what everyone wants to do at parties. WE ATE. I didn’t get pictures of the table (sorry, no biggie) but we ate pizza, applesauce, and juice. I kept it very simple. Besides the cake. DO YOU SEE THAT CAKE. How can you not. I am still obsessing over it. My friend, Divinity, made it and I’m insanely jealous of her mad talents. I cannot thank her enough!blowcandleHow there is a 4 on his cake, sure does not make any sense to me. I refuse to think about it because almost instantaneously I want to cry if I do. Sasha loved his party and all of his friends that came. He really wanted a Neverland party and a Tic Toc Croc cake, but I know that the best part of all for him was his friends and family. He has such a love for people, being with them, and having fun. The amount of energy that he has is endless (truly) and I am grateful for all of the entertainment he provides for us (and others) daily.

Making his day was my favorite part of the whole thing. Love you, Sasha buddy!


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