I need a plan.

Sasha showing you all how chill we’ve been about blogging (and life) lately.

So it turns out that having a semi somewhat type of running plan becomes a no running plan real fast. Remember my chill 4 mile runs? Did not happen. In my defense though, it has been a rather CRAZY week. I really could have used a 4 mile run or two to let off some stress, but oh well.

This is where I need YOUR help. ASAP.

I’m ready (or not) to follow a training plan. I need to up my mileage but in a way that I won’t injure myself or get burned out. And I’m ready to start Monday. TOMORROW.

I began to look at some plans on Pinterest and they all vary so much. I’m not good with variations and options, they tend to overwhelm me (Ms. Indecisive). But then again, the variety just lets me know that there is no ONE perfect way, but many good ways of training. I’ve never trained for a half marathon, so I have no idea what is the best way for me. I’m sure it will come with time, but I’d still love to know what works for you.

Do you follow a schedule? How do you choose/create your plan? Before race day, do you at some point run the full distance in training? If you don’t do training plans, what do you do to train??

Right now, I have about 3 miles planned for tomorrow. I know it’s not much but it has been a week or so and I want to be gentle reminding my body that it runs. Also, I know that I need to run at least 13 miles in training before my half marathon (mental preparation). The most I’ve ran lately is about 4.5 miles. So somehow, I need to go from 4.5 to 13 miles by the end of October. Race day is a Saturday and Sundays are always my day off. I plan to run a 10k in a few weeks (whaaat, I just realized that it is so soon!!) so hopefully that will help me focus on the bigger goal at hand.

THANK you for taking time to read this and help a girl out. I’ve been absent in the blogging world this week, so if you stuck around, I really appreciate it!


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