Our Balcony Garden – Update #2

It has been over a month now since I have updated you all on our balcony garden. This has been a huge learning experience for us, which I am grateful for, no matter how many “could have” “should have” “would have” things I can come up with. Our garden is far from perfect, but the fact that we are actually getting edible matter out of it is exciting enough for us.

Last time, you may remember my sad sad strawberries. We planted them in a pot (bad idea) and after getting a couple sour ones, we watched the plants shrivel. So we got rid of the strawberries. I noticed afterwards while mixing the dirt up, that there were a lot of little bug everywhere inside. Slightly nervous to plant our herbs in there, I asked my mom if that was “normal”. She advised me to spray the dirt with some dish soap water and sprinkle it with cinnamon. So I did as told. I guess it didn’t hurt to do that because so far, the herbs in the pot are doing fabulous. It’s by far my favorite part of the “garden”.


As for the actual garden with our veggies, she looks squished but is doing quite well. I think we need to fertilize it though. We already have had zucchini grow in as well as a red pepper. Tomatoes, butternut squash, and cucumbers should be getting bigger soon. At one point, the whole garden was just covered in a billion leaves. Even more than shown in the picture. We now realize that planting zucchini, squash, and cucumbers in such a small area together was not smart. Their vines need room.

It’s a jungle in there.
Our dill. So yummy.

It really is so nice to be able to use things from your garden and not need to go grab it from the store. Also, did I mention those HERBS. They are even better than the “fresh” herbs you buy in the store. Super fragrant and oh so very delicious. It’s a good thing we have plenty of basil and dill because we’re obsessed.

Next year we will be planting in our yard below the balcony. This experiment gave us a good starting point to go off of and I have high hopes for a more roomie garden. Also, let’s ignore our dead grass down there (behind the dill). Our townhomes are under a bit of a crisis right now and need a new project manager asap. Instead, let’s focus on these beauties below…

Some success!

What would you do with all those herbs?
Who else is gardening this year? Have you had some success?

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Baby Basil


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