More summer, please!

Enjoying Sasha’s last weekend being 3 years old.

After a fun weekend, I am finally opening my laptop. In the back of my mind I kept wanting to take some time and write, but never got around to it. Last week was pretty hectic for me and I just needed a weekend off from everything. Den and I keep talking about how much we miss hiking, so we plan to make a big hike happen this week. Without kids. Pretty excited.

I’m very sad that summer is coming to an end soon. Winters seem to come too fast in Utah and stick around for way too long. Every year I tell myself that I am going to have a better attitude about the cold wet weather, but halfway through I crack. My husband on the other hand LOVES it, because it means that he gets to go skiing (a passion he quickly picked up since moving here). Anyway, let’s not talk about winter just yet.

Summer is still here and I am going to take full advantage of the time that is left. Here are some things that will happen or I’d like to happen:

  • Camping again (Den will be out of town so we are going with my parents)
  • Swimming/Splash Pads
  • Bike Rides in the canyon
  • Hiking Mt. Timpanogos
  • Picnic in the Botanical Gardens
Surfing – CHECK! (If only.)

It’s typically what we have been up to already, but I need more of it! More summer, please! One thing that I really wanted to happen but won’t, is a girls trip or a weekend getaway with Denys. Why? Because even though Liev is 14 months and I weened him from his night feeding (hallelujah for sleep!), he still nurses 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening).

I know that he would probably be okay if I left him, but it would for sure be hard on me and whoever is watching him. Eventually he would want to nurse and get very emotional about it. It’s his comfort and I’d feel bad just taking that away from him suddenly. Never did I ever imagine myself still breastfeeding at this point, but oh well. My new goal is to gradually ween him by October so that Den and I can hopefully getaway for our 5 year anniversary.

What last minute summer plans do you have?
Anybody have any weening tips? I’ll take them.


5 thoughts on “More summer, please!

  1. My son turns 9 in October and because most of my family lives 12 hours away and my wife’s parents (who live with us) aren’t trust worthy enough to watch our son yet my wife and I haven’t had the opportunity to go off alone over night. So glad you guys can do that 🙂

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