Insecurities aren’t pretty.

Sometimes when you have a blog, you have to use it to talk about reality TV, aka Bachelor in Paradise. [Don’t stop reading just yet!!!] I know that not everyone is into this type of entertainment, and I completely understand why, but can we just chat a bit about something going on?

Ashley I. She’s a mess and it is breaking my heart.
AshleyCriesWhat broke my heart even more was to find out that she is 27 and still dealing with major insecurities.

“Jared and I talked. He loves me!”
“Wait, is Jared talking to another girl? Nooooo. I thought that he liked ME! That is so messed up.”
“Why am I so awkward? I hate myself.”
not direct quotes, but this talk went on for hours

I get that some girls cry a lot more than others, which is OK. Crying is OK and it doesn’t mean that you’re insecure. But what should not be happening is talking down to yourself, making wild assumptions, and overreacting to both of those lies. I like how it is defined here:

Insecurity is an emotional reaction that comes from our stored collection of fears and self-judgments. Self-confidence is a rational assessment that comes from our grounded assessment of competency in a given domain.

Insecurities don’t look pretty, and truthfully, they are just awful to live with. I guess I’m concerned that people don’t take care of them. Don’t we want to be strong-compassionate-confident women (or men)? [And there is a difference between being confident and acting confident.] Maybe there really are girls out there that don’t care for any of that and leave all of their self-esteem dependent on relationships. Maybe I’m confused? Am I the only one wanting to jump into paradise and give Ashley a pep-talk about how beautiful, capable, and awesome she is even if she can’t flirt with a boy? She can cry, but she needs to stop saying “I hate myself”.

SO, yeah, I don’t know where I am going with this. I just want us to all be who we are and love who we are! Of course I have had my own insecurities in life and still deal with little things every now and again, BUT the point is to deal with it. Challenge yourself. Get to know yourself. Find confidence in the choices that you make. Love who YOU are and you will love others, be happier, and feel a sense of freedom every day.

Stepping down now.

How do YOU deal with insecurities?
Is there hope for Ashley I. in paradise?


2 thoughts on “Insecurities aren’t pretty.

  1. I kind of can’t handle Ashley I or her sister. She’s totally insecure and her sister is a total brat. I love the drama of the show and watching it all unfold, but I just can’t handle Ashley I. You’re totally right though. She’s so insecure.

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