Weekend: Date Night and Race Recap

Hello, blog, it’s Monday. I had every intention of writing this post on Saturday, but that ended up being the busiest day ever. Then, bad news, yesterday I was super sick. I thought it was something I ate the night before, but now Denys isn’t feeling well either. Without any specific details of this stomach bug, I will just say that I was in bed, unconscious, for 90% of the day. I’m glad it only lasted about 24 hours.

SO – here it is, the weekend that had me experience every emotion possible.

Friday night, Denys took me to MOVE live on tour for my birthday. If you don’t know who Julianne and Derek Hough are or what they do, get on the band wagon ASAP. They are two of the most talented performers out there. As soon as the show started, I looked over at Denys and shouted over the music, “I’m going to cry!!” You could feel the energy and the passion they have for dancing. I couldn’t help but feel happy for them – and crazy at the same time for caring. Maybe because I used to dance, I can imagine how amazing this tour must be for them. Plus, Utah is their home town, which made it all extremely special for them. At one point, Derek got his grandma from the crowd and gave her a big hug. It was too cute. Okay, enough about my Hough obsession.

Don’t ask me what this pose is. It all felt extremely awkward.
Take me back!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for a 5k event like none other I’ve done before. There were several “teams” all named in honor of somebody who is currently going through or have gone through hard things in life. For Cade, that battle was a brain tumor that ultimately took him from this life. As we all ran the course, we would pass posters of these friends and family members, as a reminder to keep going and “Fight to the Finish”. Seeing everyone’s poster as I ran was quite powerful, humbling, and encouraging all at the same time.

I am truly amazed at the strength and hope that people have. Their stories touched me and I am honored that I could be a part of such a special day.

Cade is my high school friend’s husband and a fellow classmate. We all graduated together.
Besides balloons, they also set some butterflies free.
Fight to the Finish

I’m pretty darn proud of Brooke. This was her first 5k ever and she actually did the whole thing. I, unfortunately, cannot say that I did a full 5k. As I crossed the finish line, the timer said 23:00. As awesome as that would be, I knew something was wrong. I somehow followed the wrong people and according to Strava, missed about a half a mile of the course. Boooo. My bad for not checking the course beforehand. BUT, our times weren’t recorded or anything and there weren’t awards, so it wasn’t a big deal. It was all about the people and the journey.

I am also proud of Alyson (you can see her walking away in the picture above). She is such an example to me of hope and strength. I know that this isn’t easy for her. She is honest and open in sharing her raw feelings. Yet, she has found support and never gives up on trying to make the best out of this life for herself and their son, no matter what comes their way.


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