I finally ran! & look at my snacks.

After taking it pretty easy the past couple weeks due to a sad achilles tendon, I went on just a 2 mile run. Last Saturday I had to stop at about 2 miles because I could feel the tendon starting to ache and I didn’t want to push it any further. However, tonight, I ran 2 miles just fine. NO PAIN. Not one bit. I’m really relieved.

I haven’t mentioned it much because I am mainly training for a half marathon, but I am doing a 5k this Saturday. It’s a pretty special one too – I’ll be joining Team Cade in the 3rd Annual AFAF F2TF 5k to support a high school friend who lost her husband way too soon to cancer. Also, this will be my first event since September 2013. Whoa. Originally, I wanted to set a PR at this race because I’ve never been satisfied with my 5k times. But you know, injuries and all, we will just see what happens. Besides, this race is about Cade and Alyson, and many others who fight to the finish.

Tomorrow will be a rest day and I am going to try to drink no more than 12 oz of diet coke (it’s sad how hard that will be). I need plenty of water and good fuel. I have learned this lesson from past races and just on a day to day basis with training. So speaking of, I have a collection of photos below of my favorite healthy snacks. What you won’t be seeing is all the birthday cake, cookies, and donuts that were consumed this week. Just know that I’m human and indulge as well (probably too much).

This hummus is the greatest thing ever.
Another great hummus. I love all kinds of veggies with hummus.
FullSizeRender (3)
1/2 an avocado on some toast, lightly salted. Sometimes I’ll add tomato slices. So simple and so good.
My typical protein shake. However, I prefer to skip the ice and just use frozen bananas.
Peanut butter with an apple or banana (side of coke). This is my GO TO snack.
This is my ON THE GO snack. I love them!
Oh, and let’s not forget chocolate.

What do YOU like to snack on lately?

What do you like to do the day before a race?


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