Beginner #bloggerproblems

I would like to think that for a beginner blogger, my site here is somewhat OK. Potentially, I would like it to be much more than it is at the moment…something that should come with time and experience. After getting my domain and registering with WordPress though, I ran into some issues that have been holding me back, like:

1) In order to “customize” the theme, I need to pay $$$.

2) The really great themes aren’t free.

3) To save money, we planned on my super awesome husband developing my website (he does it for a living, score). However, WordPress doesn’t give you access to the code, again, without paying or switching to a different host.

4) I decided to switch over to GoDaddy, yet couldn’t because 60 days needed to pass after buying your domain in order to transfer it.

5) When I try to contact designers (for a banner and buttons), nobody contacts me back. Probably because they are my friends and they have real jobs to be doing.

Also, I’m discovering that I’m very conflicted. All of the posts that offer up “tips for new bloggers” make it seem like in order for people to actually read your blog or visit it consistently, you need beautiful content. I totally get that, the more attractive the blog, the more it attracts people. However, I’m conflicted because I want my blog to be REAL. Real life, real moments, real joy, and real struggle. Not something that looks good because it was posed and set up to be that way. I didn’t choose the name “My For Real Life” just to then show you all “My Staged For Real Life”.

Sometimes I wonder why we like these beautifully polished blogs that make life look so glamorous. Do people see right through them or do they actually believe that somebody’s life is picture perfect? What makes you look at a blog, and keep looking at it? Is it possible to create a space that is both real and attractive? I sure hope so. Although, a large following isn’t my main goal with blogging anyway.

Thankfully the 60 days have passed and we are finally able to transfer the blog over to GoDaddy. I’m meeting up with one of Den’s friends tonight to work on some design type things and then Den will be able to develop away. I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging… what you like to see, read, and so on. Any feedback is much appreciated!  THANKS!

Confession: My everyday life consists of a lot of baby feet smelling. I can’t help myself.

9 thoughts on “Beginner #bloggerproblems

  1. I love this. It is a question I ask myself a lot — better to have a beautiful site and perfect posts filled with what people want to see, or keep my writing raw and have less readers? It is hard to figure out a happy medium with blogging.

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    1. Exactly! I feel like in order to do the things we want, we sometimes have to do the cliche stuff. However, I think genuineness should never be compromised. Keep up your beautiful raw writing!


  2. Honestly I really don’t think the polished blogs do any better then the plain jane blogs. It’s the content and attracting new readers to that content that makes the blog. As a matter of fact I know few who care about fluff and puff, information or a sense of community is what I find most people are after. If you want a great blog you need to interact with the community you are targeting. just my 2 cents.

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  3. You know, I’ve noticed that REAL blogs are much more popular than forged ones unless their owners hit every like button they see =) People are more concerned with real stories than polished pages. If we liked perfection more, science textbooks would be more popular than Instagram 😉

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