Bachelorette, Birthday, Running Injuries

Let me start by just mentioning last nights The Bachelorette Finale (yes, I proudly watch this junk). You guys, I’m so relieved. Thanks to Kaityln’s snapchat mishap, I knew who she was with. However, every time I saw her kiss Nick or tell him that she is falling in love with him, I was nervous that someone was just screwing with us. I kept thinking “WHAT IF”, what if she actually does choose the manipulating sweet talker???? I can’t deal with people like him, especially guys. Shawn is a MAN and I think that the After the Final Rose helped us feel even more at peace with her decision. Am I right? I about melted into a puddle when Shawn stood up for Kaitlyn at the end. Great couple.bachelorette

Please, just please don’t break up. I’m still needing closure with Chris and Whitney. Can they just come publicly explain to us all what happened, just like they publicly fell in love and got engaged? That’d be great. 😉

That was how I ended my birthday….It started with Sasha’s first day of swimming lessons. I’m not sure why, but the kid had to pee three times during his 30 minute lesson. Today he managed to only go once so let’s hope tomorrow he won’t need to go at all. Those 30 minutes aren’t cheap! It’s fun to see him learn how to swim though. He is very cautious and the teacher is working wonderfully with him.

After swimming lessons we ate lunch, did some shopping with a friend, had some ME time to shave and paint my nails (it’s the little things), then I went to yoga with some other friends, and finally watched the Bachelorette. Honestly, it wasn’t Hawaii, but I can’t complain about the day. My friends and family made me feel very loved. Friday night Denys and I will go to MOVE Live on Tour here in SLC for a little date celebration to wrap it all up.

Alas, remember my goal to run 29 miles by July 27th? I am basically 9 miles shy. My left achilles tendon started to hurt last Monday (wahhhh) and so that has been slowing me down a bit. I have a 5k race on Saturday and we will see if I can even get through it without needing to walk. Has anyone ever had to deal with this type of injury? I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been for me. Injuries are the worst. Hopefully when I go on my run tonight, it will let me do more than a couple of miles. If not, I’m not risking it. I need to get it healed ASAP. I’m still training for my (first time ever) half marathon in October.


12 thoughts on “Bachelorette, Birthday, Running Injuries

    1. Thank you! We had gone on a pretty long hike with the kids and I was carrying our 23 lbs little guy the whole time. I feel like I just overused it. Too much too soon. Do you usually rest when you have the tightness?


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