The big party debate.

June through August is birthday madness around here. Starting with Liev and ending with Sasha, we all get to celebrate the summer away. P-A-R-T-WHY???? Because I gotta! [Name that movie!]

Thanks to Pinterest, planning my kids’ birthday parties are easier than ever. Oh wait, or maybe I meant to say that planning my kids’ birthdays have never been more extravagant and stressful. It could be both and it could be none. Either way, here I am, deciding whether or not to get the ball rolling for Sasha’s 4th birthday that is only 3 weeks away. I don’t even know what I am doing for my own birthday in 4 days from now. But the debate begins…do I plan a party for him? If yes, how big? Should I make it as fun as possible? Should I just take him somewhere that is fun instead? Is this at all important??

YOU tell me. I’m up for a conversation with all types of opinions.

Here is the thing, I did not plan a “themed” party for either of my kids’ 1st birthdays. Both parties were simple – balloons, food, cake, cute baby eating cake. It’s easy, yes, and for a 1 year old it is plenty of fun. Also, it just so happens that both of those parties happened during busy times in our life (school/moving), and cake was about all I could handle. However, if I would have had the time, I probably would have done a little more. Just a little.

For Sasha’s 2nd and 3rd birthday parties, I had more free time for planning and decorations. Due to our budget though, I didn’t go ALL out and crazy, but I did what I could. I liked how both of them turned out and I know that Sasha was in kid heaven. Here are a couple pics from those parties that I have available (the rest are on the external hard drive and I’m feeling lazy).

My sweet friend made us a cake and cow-print backdrop for this party. Farm theme.
We visited a fun farm with anyone who could join.
Dinosaur themed party, Sasha’s last year’s obsession.

Now the issue…a 4 year old birthday 3 weeks from now. I can do it, right? See, Sasha has this HUGE obsession with birthdays and cakes. Sometimes it is sweet, but when you are at another kid’s birthday party and he/she doesn’t blow out the candles just right, Sasha could possibly cry about it. Oh…you thought I was exaggerating when I said this was a HUGE obsession? No, but thankfully he is now more accepting of how others choose to blow out their candles.

Anyway, I do want to make the day special for him. Throughout the year he has picked different themes, or rather cakes, that he wants. For a long time it was a “whale cake”, but recently he has been obsessed with Peter Pan/Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Well what do you know, the kid wants a “Neverland” party. He is constantly asking me if he is 4 yet and if it’s time for his Neverland party. I know that I somehow have to suck it up and plan the kid a dang party.

I love the party planning. I love that I am doing something nice, fun, exciting, and memorable! But I also hate the party planning. It’s work, money, and cleaning (more work). Part of me just wants to take the kid to a bounce house with a bunch of friends, let them run free, make a mess somewhere else, and not worry about the decorations because everyone is so busy bouncing and having fun that it doesn’t matter whether or not I was able to carve a pirate ship out of a watermelon!!

Nobody worry, I don’t really plan to prepare any food art. If you do this, I only applaud you. I think it is AWESOME when moms can throw together super parties for their kids. If you LOVE to do this, why not?! Other moms aren’t really into it and that is OK too. I’m stuck in the middle somewhere, in a big debate with myself about what to do right now. If it were any other kid and he wasn’t so obsessed with birthdays, I probably wouldn’t care, but it’s Sasha we are talking about. I feel like the kid deserves the best Neverland party out there and I want to be able to give it to him.

Are you a birthday/party person? How do you celebrate your kids’ birthdays? What are your thoughts on themed birthday parties?


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