Music For Your Fartlek

FartlekLet’s just address this right off the bat…I laugh a bit inside every time I see or say the word fartlek. I’m not the world’s most mature human being, I know. I grew up with four older brothers. Enough said.

Wondering what all the giggling is about? Fartlek is a Swedish word that means “speed play”. Google defines it as:

a system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning.

Everyone’s fartlek workouts vary. That is the beauty of it in my opinion. I do not perform well when I have a certain schedule or work out plan to follow. I like to do whatever I want to do and just listen to my body. If I feel like running faster, I do it. If I feel like challenging myself to a hill when I see it, that is exactly what I’ll do. You get to pick how fast, where, and when. Following this free-spirited type of “plan”, I avoid the risks of getting burned out from running. Who else loves fartleks?

I’m not sure how others prefer to run their fartlek workouts, but mine typically involve music. For me, the songs need to have a good slow section, a possible climax, and of course a fast section. That way I have something to go off of when I need to slow down/speed up. Almost always (especially in dance pop) the verses are slow, steady, and long. I run those at a slower pace. Then I just gradually speed up with the chorus and try to run at a comfortable, fast pace for the entire length of the chorus. Pretty simple, right? Sometimes I will skip a chorus if I’m feeling really panty. So much freedom in the fartlek. Love it!

SO, why not, I’ve compiled a playlist of my current favorite fartlek songs.

  1. I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepsen
  2. Neon Lights – Demi Lovato
  3. Take You High – Kelly Clarkson
  4. Time Is Running Out – Muse
  5. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
  6. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
  7. On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
  8. Peponi (Paradise) – Piano Guys
  9. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  10.  Learn To Love – W. Darling

BONUS: This is my ALL time favorite song to run to!!!


My husband doesn’t share my excitement for the song, so if you don’t like it, I’m not offended. (Actually, you may not like any of my songs and that’s just fine too. There are billions of other songs to choose from.) I’d love for you to share with me you’re favorite songs for working out! Comment below and I will for sure check them out.

Feel free to check out my Spotify playlist “sweat” – here. I tend to mostly listen to it when I run.

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