Weekend Hike: Stewart Falls

Today I am in FULL recovery mode. Hiking, running, and yoga has me feeling like a 90 year old woman this morning. This past weekend we went on a hike that just kept getting crazier by the minute. I’ve decided to label it as “one of those hikes that bring you closer together” in order to look on the bright side of things. Let’s just say it was quite the adventure.

Be prepared for lots of pictures.

The trailhead for Stewart Falls is in Provo Canyon (we entered through American Fork Canyon and took a very scenic route that loops around) near the Sundance resort. It was somewhat difficult for us to find because 1) Den thought we were looking for a hike called “Timpanogos Falls” – last time he gets to do the planning 😉 AND 2) I couldn’t see the typical trail head signs. There was, however, a pay station with a ranger inside who let us know where to go.

If you decide to do this hike, when you get into the parking lot there are two trail options, take the one closer to the bathrooms. Also, come prepared. I’m so grateful that Denys decided to make some PB and honey sandwiches before we left. They came in handy when we found out the hike was 4 miles round trip and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. I only wished we would have made more. IMG_6200IMG_6206 IMG_6208

The trail has so much vegetation growing that I hardly felt like I was in Utah. At times it felt like a jungle, which was a lot of fun for Sasha’s overactive imagination. Speaking of that kid – accident prone. When we first arrived, he pinched his finger in the car door. Then, he fell and scraped his knee, not one, not two, but three times. And his elbow. He sure is tough though. If you’re wondering if I suggest doing this hike with kids… um, no. I’d say that it’s doable for active kids ages 5+. The trail is fairly easy (with the exception for the last half a mile), however, it is 4 miles, which I found to be too long for our kids. There were a lot of older children hiking it and they seemed to do just fine.IMG_6227 IMG_6233 IMG_6237

We were so happy when we finally made it. A couple regrets, 1) I was dressed in short shorts and 2) Liev had no socks or shoes and was wearing a tank top. I thought it was going to be HOT! Plus, the kid will not keep his shoes on. The first half was fine, but as we returned it got later in the evening…a little chilly…overcast…and boom just like that a nice rain storm decided to join us, lightning and thunder included. It was hard to be mad about it because experiencing it all on this beautiful trail was really neat, but also scary and I just wanted to get back to the car as soon as possible. When we finally got into the car we were all drenched. Den and I couldn’t stop laughing and Sasha couldn’t stop crying. Liev is just a chill dude and hung out. IMG_6242 IMG_6260

Check out Sasha’s battle wounds below. He was so exhausted and it didn’t take him long to zonk out.

IMG_6263 IMG_6267Of course I had to include a picture of the sunset that evening. I wish my phone could capture how awesome it really was. Despite the rain, injuries, hunger, and exhaustion…believe it or not…we have tons of fun. These type of family outings help us to bond, which is why we will continue to get out and challenge ourselves. I am glad that we did this specific hike (the waterfall is awesome) but I don’t think we will be repeating that one with the kids for awhile.

What hiking adventures have you had lately? Any advice for a sore achilles tendon?? —>so not fun.


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