FlipBelt: Review + Giveaway

Ladies and gentleman, runners, hikers, bikers, and ALL, I am a little too excited to talk about this product. Somebody needs to calm me down.

The sun was working against me. Please ignore the fact that I’m in my biking gear on a running trail…I was going on a ride but needed to take a pic for you lucky people.
In my post Favorite Health Tools/Gear, I showed you all my “fanny pack” I use on my runs. I also made mention of how I was looking for a new and better one. Yeah sure, the belt I got from H&M was doing the job, but I had some issues with it.

IMG_5236So to start off, current running belt issues:

  • Zipper. When you’re running and need to pull your phone out for whatever reason, dealing with a zipper (that sometimes gets stuck) is a pain.
  • Bounces. Sadly, even with an adjustable velcro belt, it just won’t stay tightly put where it should while I run. I have to adjust it frequently.
  • Space. In order to have my phone fit, I have to take off the case. Then, if I need to put my 1 car key in there as well, it’s very squished.
  • Style. It kind of looks like a fanny pack. I could live with that if it were the only issue, but it’s not. My shirts always get bunched up and over it and overall, the appearance is not super.

My Solution:

I saw FlipBelt on Pinterest awhile ago and instantly wanted it! However, I wasn’t sure about how great it really would be. Call me a skeptic, or a cheapy, but I just didn’t want to pay more for something that I already had. I kept the idea of it in the back of my mind and decided that someday I’d give it a try.

Someday came. I wanted to put any doubt to rest and know for sure if this FlipBelt is any good. Plus, I wanted to be able spread the word for those who might be curious about purchasing one for themselves. Thankfully, the company is AWESOME and gave me a belt to review for all of you!IMG_6055

Ordering the FlipBelt is very simple. Go to https://flipbelt.com/ and click on “shop”/”buy now”. Additionally, you can search on the site to see if there is a store in your area that carries them. They give you color and size options with a guide to help decide which size is best for you. Everything (to me) was simple to understand, which is so nice when you are ordering online!

What I love about the FlipBelt:

  • Pockets. There are multiple easy to access pockets Plus, the design and material SERIOUSLY keep things inside, no zipper necessary.
  • Comfort. The first time I put it on I couldn’t help but to compare it to nice underwear/bra. You know…the kind that you wear, yet you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. Literally, I barely even notice that the belt is there! Even with my phone inside, it just feels like it’s all a part of me.
  • Stability. I tried! I was jumping and twisting all over the place. It wouldn’t budge. During my run I would stop to check it out and the belt was always in the same place. They say that you can even use this for yoga and I do not have any doubt that you could.
  • Everything. Material…design…I love it all. It doesn’t look like a fanny pack and my running tops go over it making it hardly noticeable.

IMG_6059The only other running belt I have to compare it to is the one from H&M. The contrast is so big, that I am really having a hard time to think of anything wrong with the product. If I had to say at least ONE thing though, it’d be price ($28.99 + s&h). However, even at that…it’s worth the $$ IMHO.

Luckily for ONE OF YOU though, it will be FREE. YES! I am doing my very first GIVEAWAY! After using the FlipBelt, I couldn’t think of a better product to giveaway than it. Whoever wins will be able to pick whatever color and size that they want. It makes me happy knowing that someone’s workout life is about to improve.

Here is what you have to do to enter to the giveaway:

1) Follow My For Real Life blog.
2) Follow My For Real Life on Facebook.
3) Follow my Instagram account, fedotiki.
*ALL of these are found in the top right corner of this blog page, or if you’re on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom.*

Once you have done these three things, comment below “Following”. For a BONUS entry, share this on either Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you tag me so that I can find it easily, and include “Shared” in your comment if you did. Thanks!

Good luck!!


16 thoughts on “FlipBelt: Review + Giveaway

  1. Glad you like yours! I think possibly I need to get a different size. I used mine running and it kept creeping up to my ribcage.


  2. Following. I borrowed a flip belt last weekend and LOVED it. I will be buying one. (Unless I win this one, which would be a great bonus in my life )

    Liked by 1 person

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