If you aren’t aware, we recently moved in to OUR very FIRST HOME ever. OURS. Also, we are the FIRST people to live in the home because we “built” it (as in I picked out finishes). As hesitant as we were to buy, it’s actually a lot of fun, surprise surprise!

the only current decor in dining area – herbs and panel curtains

Doma (дома) is a Russian word that means “at home”. For example я дома,“I’m home”. Super, huh? It’s about the only easy concept the language has, and maybe that’s why I love the word. I included doma in my tabs because it best categorizes all the things we have going on at home. Recipes, garden, projects, decor… DOMA.

Lately, I am feeling motivated to get some decor going on in our home. Bad news, I’m not at all an expert at this. My status is very much “beginner” and forever will be, as I have no desire to achieve professional qualities in interior design. I have friends that I bug for that type of stuff. ALSO, just like when it comes to fashion (see this post) I am very simple. In fact now that I think of it, my home decor (or wishlist) matches a lot of my wardrobe. To some it might be boring, however, I find a lot of clarity and beauty in just plain and simple decorations. Less is more.

My focus right now doma is our living areas, so the kitchen, dining area, and family room. I am using Pinterest a lot for some inspiration. What else? So far I am really into THIS:

very happy earthy colors
love this couch – I found a similar one that is a 4 piece sectional
table, bench, wall art – love it all

Believe it or not, I attempted to make a much smaller version of the “EAT WELL TRAVEL OFTEN” wall hanging today.

proof I’m not a professional!

It turned out okay. I need to add the little border. I prefer the one on the right, my second attempt, because the spacing is better. However, my husband likes the goofy spacing on the left, my first attempt. What say ye? Are you the type to DIY or would you rather spend some extra money to avoid the hassle? Where do you get your home decor inspiration? Where do you like to shop?

If you want to see our home come together then stick around! I plan to fill up the DOMA tab this coming year with some fun and simple posts.


2 thoughts on ““Doma”

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love shabby chic type style! My husband, however, does not agree 🙂 I never imagined decorating our home being a huge disagreement, but I think we finally have found some common interests.


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