Weekend: I finally cried.

I feel like I’ve been a little bit MIA. If you read my last blog post, you may have noticed that I was a little tired. (I still am.) Last night was really hard for me for some reason and I finally had a good cry (I seriously haven’t cried in months!) so today I am feeling slightly better. Nothing specific, just the usual “tired overwhelmed and worried mom” type of blues.

During the weekend I found a couple of blog posts that really helped me get it together:

1) The Motherhood Days We Should Talk About (this was seriously my exact weekend)

& 2) Postnatal Depletion

Sometimes words can offer up so much support, which is why I really wanted to share them here with you. It’s nice to just remember that you are “normal” and not alone. If I didn’t have a few bad days here and there, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the good ones. Also, I officially need to get more sleep one way or another. Just look at these guilty faces:

They are too cute to care anyway.

This weekend I finished a book, Girl On The Train. YAY! (I had a goal at the first of the year to read 12 books in 2015. So far I’ve read 4…I’m hopeful I can do it though. Either way, that is 4 more than I read last year!) Has anyone read this book?? Please let me know what you thought about it! Did you like it? Was the ending surprising? What about the characters? Author? I tried to talk to my husband about it, but he hasn’t read it, so it was a little pointless. Overall, the book was entertaining. I maybe would have wanted some more depth to it, but still, I couldn’t put the book down so that says something.

Last week I only went running twice. I’m not proud of it, but literally it is all I could find time for.

Saturday’s view while running

Total Weekly Miles: 6.4 miles
Total Weekly Time: 1 hour 5 min
Total Weekly Elevation Gain: 531 feet (my quads felt it)
Monthly Miles: 13.1 miles (I’m running at least 29 by the 27th in honor of my 29th birthday)

I didn’t run this morning (shameful, I know), however, I will run tonight before my yoga class. I may have missed my Monday morning workout, but I refuse to cancel out Monday all together. It’s a new week and I’m going to get my act together, OK.

There you have it, a little update. Nothing too special. Get excited though, because this week I have some fun posts to come! As in “giveaway” fun. As in “free stuff” type of fun. Are you excited yet? Good.


11 thoughts on “Weekend: I finally cried.

  1. sorry you had tiring week and feel tired, I hope it gets a little easier, wish we lived closer, i dont think I would survive with two kids ! you are amazing


  2. Sometimes a good cry is all you need! Gotta release those emotions! And JC and I just listened to the girl on the train!! I loved the ending, I thought it was suspenseful. I mean it could be because of all the narration, but still. Very entertaining! Ps where do you go to yoga?


    1. I’m happy I got the tears to come out finally! 🙂 I agree, the book is very entertaining and I liked that we got the perspective from all the girls. Although I would have liked more from Megan and less from Rachel, but then they’d probably have to change the title.

      I go to the Legacy Center in Lehi for yoga. $3 is a steal of a deal!! However, I want to do a class at Brick Canvas.


  3. Would you recommend that book? I have three ripped ligaments in my foot and my husband just had wrist surgery on both his wrists (and as a result can’t work for a few weeks), so we are a pair of invalids with nothing to do but watch Dr. Who on Netflix. We are looking for something to do that won’t rot our brains out like al the TV we’ve been watching, and so perhaps you can recommend some good books?


    1. Oh noooo!! That just sounds awful! I’ve torn a ligament before as a little girl but still remember the pain very well! The book was very entertaining. A similar one (oldie but goodie) is Crime and Punishment. It is my favorite but some people don’t love Russian literature. This year I also read the Elizabeth Smart book and a book called Wonder. Both I would highly recommend. I hope you feel better soon!!


      1. Thanks for the sympathies and recommendations! I remember reading Crime and Punishment in high school, but I possibly may appreciate it more now. I’ll have to pick up one or two of those books! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for reading my blog!!! Your kids are beautiful. Keep up the good work with running! Don’t ever get down on yourself for missing a run or not going as far as planned. You’ll stress yourself out and that’s the opposite effect running is supposed to have on you! Take it day by day. I’m rooting for you!


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