Monday vs Friday

Helloooo! The past two days were non-stop fun for us, I hardly checked my phone and certainly didn’t open my laptop, but now I am 100% Mombie. My eyes can barely open and I have no energy to deal with the crazy 3 year old and teething 1 year old. I’m sure my husband was feeling the same way, because he managed to stay in bed 2 extra hours this morning. Good for him. It was his birthday yesterday so I’m trying not to be a brat about it. I just really want to sleep. mombie

Moms, how? How do we take care of other small human beings when we barely can take care of ourselves. I have shoved leftover cake in my mouth this morning and guzzled a coke zero. This is the best I could do. I’m dreaming of my Monday morning workout when I got decent amounts of sleep and then came home, sweaty and energized, made eggs and had a fabulous day. I swear to you, as a stay at home mom, Mondays are a bajillion times better than Fridays. Am I alone here? Who loves Fridays anymore??

Fridays to me are survival days. I have used up all of my juice on all the other days of the week that I now run on 10% battery life and diet coke. Daniel Tiger is our best friend and we count down the minutes until we get to leave for cousins night (aka date night). Mondays, however, are amazing! I have had all weekend with Denys around to help me, I get to work out, maybe even took a nap, ate well, and cleaned up the house. Mondays I am fully charged. This is normal, right? I’m pretty sure that is why we say TGIF. Because hallelujah! the weekend is here. Only I’m so tired I can’t celebrate it.

I feel slightly guilty saying all of this. The past two days we had a wedding, guests, and a birthday (loved every minute). Clearly there was a lot going on, hence the mombie state I am in. But really, I feel like this every single stinkin’ Friday. I’d like for it to stop, so tell me, how do YOU survive on Fridays? Or Mondays? What day is it for you that has you shoving cake and caffeine down your throat?


2 thoughts on “Monday vs Friday

  1. This is so true and real and raw, I love it! Every day that ends in a “y” is my crazy day! But also my happy day! Cheers to your mama,, for being so truthful and honest, making moms like me feel better to know we’re not alone. Loved reading this!


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